Manchester United Winter Transfer Summary

Players In

Wout Weghorst – Loan (fee 2.9m euros)
Sabizer – Loan
Butland – Loan 

Players Out

Tuanzebe – Loaned
Ronaldo – Released
Dubravka – End of Loan

Transfer Summary

In terms of changes either in or out of the club, there is no single player that stands out as being considered a regular this season. However, Ronaldo was let go after publicly ripping apart every aspect of the club and it was headline news around the globe.

The reality is that for as much fuss was made about Ronaldo leaving, his replacement, the loan signing Weghorst is a far better and more effective striker right now.  

All things considered; Manchester is slightly improved as a result of the Winter moves. Important to note however, a drop-off in form could happen as Eriksen is expected to miss out until the end of April.

Wout Weghorst – huge old-fashioned style centre forward who works hard and is already well integrated into the squad. He last played for Besiktas where he was a star. The belief with him is that he will play a fair share of matches but for the most part, be a backup to Rashford and Martial.

Sabizer – was brought in from Bayern as an emergency loan after key man Eriksen got an injury and could be out until early May. Will be contesting a starting spot at centre midfield if he settles.

Butland – The third new face was once England 3rd keeper Jack Butland, also on loan, but only to play back up to De Gea.

Ronaldo – his departure was positive because although he bagged the odd goal and had a couple of respectable performances this season, he was negative for the dressing room and his presence harmed the performance of Bruno, who is a far greater player without Ronaldo near him! Ronaldo’s legs also were not responding to what his brain wanted them to do, it became sad watching how out of his depth he looked more often than not.

Ronaldo’s public outburst did Ten Haag and the club a massive favour! And results have been much improved since he wasn’t in the dressing room.

Also leaving were Tuanzebe and Dubravka, both mere squad players that never got close to starting games on merit.

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