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Celtic Analysis is the number one place for content about Glasgow’s Green Giants!

We strive to bring the Bhoys faithful all the very best stories and opinions to one place to make the web blog the only place Celtic fans need to know about to get all their information.

From the latest stories to opinions, past stories to historic moments, we are sure there is something for everyone!

We have articles on what current stars and former key men have said about and during their time at Celtic Park, whilst also sharing the very latest transfer murmurings that involve the Hoops.

Pundits can usually have their say on matters and be rather strongly opinionated about what they have to say, but does it really make sense? Celtic Analysis looks to breakdown whatever claim has been made and give you the full picture as to why it might have been said in the first place.

So, as we look to educate and teach you to look at the opinions surrounding Celtic in an analytical way, we also look to leave you with more answers rather than questions that can sometimes be left unanswered.

Do you have strong opinions on what Neil Lennon’s current tactical set up is about? Are you of the opinion that he is playing the correct formation or do you believe he could change things up and can prove why via the use of tactical data?

Are you able to look back on previous moments that have happened in Celtic’s long and storied history and able to produce some really insightful analytical content on the topic of choosing?

If you feel you can contribute to the website and have a number of views about the Hoops that you feel need to be shared amongst the fanbase, then why not get in contact and apply to write for us?

If you want to contact us or advertise with us – get in touch!

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