Chelsea FC is not devoid of stars, and if you’re a football fan, you’ll know that team has always been a top destination for top players representing their team in the FIFA World Cup. As we approach the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, we expect some Chelsea players to appear in the tournament.

This year, we expect Chelsea to have more players in the tournament, increasing the chances of the team having at least one player win the trophy again. Since the nations going to the competition have not released their squad list, we’ve put together six players with the best World Cup odds for appearance. 

Therefore, you should keep reading if you want to see the six players we think are most likely to appear at the FIFA World Cup. 

Mason Mount

The first name on our list is Mason Mount. The Englishman is one of the most important players for club and country. Since his burst into the senior level, Mount has been every coach’s favorite because of how he works hard and delivers for the team in every single game. He puts in so much work that leaving him out of the squad is hard.

If we are looking for any top pick to make it into a world cup squad, Mount would be part of that list. The youngster has incredible potential that we would love to see become a reality, and we would like him to be part of the team that leads the Three Lions to victory and help them win a competitive trophy. 

Recce James

Another exciting youngster that we think has one of the best chances to represent England at the World Cup soccer 2022 is Recce James. James is a top-notch right-back who can double as a wing-back and play in the central midfield. The player is strong and agile enough to cover a reasonable distance.

James can provide good defense at right back, play at the right center back of a back three, or play as a right wing-back and provide support for the attack. He has shown that he can deliver at any level, and if the coach wants to succeed, he needs to add James to the team for that much-needed attacking and defensive balance. 

Mateo Kovacic

The Croatian is one of the most exciting players in the world today. Kovacic is an incredible superstar that can provide that flair in the midfield as he has good ball progression, helping to transition the ball from back to front. He might not be a strong midfielder, but what he lacks in strength, he covers in talent.

Undoubtedly, Kovacic would be part of the players to represent Croatia in the FIFA World Cup as the coach prepares the list. The player is vital to the squad, and it would be a significant loss if the coach decides to leave him out of the team going to Qatar in November. Therefore, we expect him to be on the team. 

Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling only misses the World Cup if he is badly injured. The player has already represented the Three Lions at the World Cup, where they got to the Semi-Finals of the competition. The Englishman is one of the most experienced players in the group, and if you’re looking for someone to partner with Kane, he is the first choice. 

Sterling has always been impressive for the English team and would continue to offer his services to the team. There is no doubt that the coach trusts him, and that attack would be lacking without the addition of the incredible forward, who can play anywhere in a front two or three. 

Thiago Silva

The Brazilian maestro is one of the best players in the world so far. And even though he is close to 40, Silva still delivers at the topmost level in defending. The player is an excellent fit for any type of defense. Whether in a back three or four, he provides for his team and never does half the job.

Wherever he plays, it has always been about giving the best and never dropping the output level. If we’re being honest, Thiago Silva is a top defender that should be part of the hall of fame. Only a few players can match what he brings to the team every time he plays. 

Christian Pulisic

Finally on our list is Christian Pulisic, the Captain of the USA team. Pulisic is one of the most exciting youngsters that started leading the US team when he was 21. The player is exciting to watch and how he beats players in a one-on-one situation is usually mind-blowing, making him perfect in a front three.

Although he has had problems with injuries, he is beginning to stay fit, and as a result, there is a good chance that he will be part of the team playing in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. We expect the coach to add him to the team as they travel over the Pacific to Asia to play in the beautiful country.