Major changes have struck most Premier League teams in the last several years. With the arrival of one of the biggest stars in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United saw a glint of hope to recover its status as one of the best and most competitive teams in the world. However, the story was quite distinct. 

With the arrival of Erik Ten Hag as the team’s head coach and as the biggest Manchester United News label, expectations are high before the start of the 2022 season. The coach is still promoting two primary intents to make the most of the team for the coming years. Whether searching for top online casino real money or top sports news, fans are now expecting significant changes at Man U. 

The Newly Imposed Rules 

Hag has taken over the Manchester United bench since July 1. Although it’s been just a few weeks, Hag has already imposed rules that the squad must now follow. The Dutchman has an apparent objective at the club, which is to seek a return to attacking football from the years of Matt Busby and Alex Ferguson.

The strategist has issued a message to his players which involves eating, sleeping, and playing. After doing so, Ten Hag simply stated that players must endlessly repeat that cycle. Ten Hag needs his squad to be focused on the objective. 

That is why it has also put a series of rules to change everything inside the team. As a first point, Ten Hag stated that he would not tolerate passes to the sides and backward. Replacing players in training who don’t play forward will also be more frequent.

The list goes on. Players must improve their fitness and the ‘unacceptable’ body language from the last period. Also, the locker room cliques must be eradicated, and every player will have equal chances. The youngsters will also have the opportunity to impress and surpass veterans.

As a direct message to the Man U administration, the awards and salaries of mega-money stars will not have any weight in their selection for matches and plans. That will limit every player to what he can do on the field.  

Although the changes cannot yet be seen, due to the short time he has been on the bench, it is already confirmed that the squad is motivated by what the coach proposes. In addition, they are aware that a lot of practice is required to develop the quality level necessary for this strategy. 

Avoiding Top Players’ Departure

One of Ten Hag’s primary goals has been keeping top players on the team. Marcus Rashford had been experiencing a rather delicate situation at Manchester United for some time, not only because of the dismal performance the English team has been offering. This is because the team did not qualify to play in the group stage of the Champions League next year. 

However, there has also been a lack of opportunities that the British attacker himself has had. This is a dramatic situation after the English footballer had been one of the great offensive references of the Old Trafford team in recent years.

The arrival of German Ralf Rangnick did not change the football scene for Marcus Rashford, which caused the English footballer to seriously assess his continuity with the team beyond this season. 

Ten Hag has been dealing with Rashford ever since, attempting to find a way to keep and play for the Red Devils. On the other hand, the future of Cristiano Ronaldo has been talked about a lot in the transfer market. 

Speculations point to the Portuguese star’s desire to leave the British team. Ten Hag is also personally addressing this matter. The following weeks and months will be crucial to define the team’s future before the start of the 2022 season and the course of where the team will head in the next few months.