The Reds have been quiet during this summer. Apart from finalizing a deal with Darwin Nunez and Benfica, they didn’t bring any big-time players to Anfield. But Jurgen Klopp did make radical changes compared to the start of the previous year. He aimed to keep the Reds in contention for all the possible trophies and bring in some fresh blood. 

Now, about the transfers and the big signings, Klopp may want to make a shopping spree after November and the tournament in Qatar. Once mentioning that, here are the FIFA World Cup odds for the upcoming competition, so feel free to explore the entire offer. 

The only notable acquisition is Nunez from Benfica, who arrived for €75 million. The Uruguayan forward is an unreal talent, and at 23 years of age, he is already among the best strikers in the world. After two seasons and 84 games played for the Eagles across all the competitions, Nunez racked up 47 goals and 16 assists. He was Benfica’s primary weapon and the one who had the most significant impact on the field. It was no wonder to see half of Europe chasing his signature.

Nunez’s size and power are comparable to Haaland’s, while the technical aspect of play is even more advanced than the Norwegian’s. He can switch sides and play even behind the striker, and that versatility is something that Klopp wants. 

Now, his arrival is an official start of the new era for the Reds’ attack. Sadio Mane left, Roberto Firmino is at the exit doors, and the fantastic trio these two guys formed with Mohamed Salah is gone. It used to be one of the most terrifying attacks of this century. 

Salah is the only one who was given a contract extension, and it seems that he, Nunez, and Luis Diaz, who landed from Porto last winter, are going to be new partners in the attack. 

Diaz also came from Portugal, but he played for Porto. He is on the left wing and is one of the best dribblers in Europe, with a vicious and flamboyant style of play. There is one more player with ties to Portugal, and that is Diogo Jota, who is a member of the national team, and Klopp’s joker for specific situations. 

Sadio Mane is in Bayern, and the Senegalese player decided to move on from the Reds after a fantastic six years and a bunch of trophies. One of the heroes of Liverpool’s UEFA Champions League win, Divock Origi, also left the team, only he went to Italy, to AC Milan. And to make the entire thing complete, left-winger Takumi Minamino departed for Monaco. 

Liverpool’s offensive line was completely different one year ago, and if Firmino leaves (the chances are pretty high for that), Klopp will complete a major transition in the offense. He did it very methodically, landing Diaz at first and giving him six months to adjust and settle, and only after that signed Nunez. The whole process was very quick, but still gradual. This once again proves why many consider the German one of the best coaches of the last two decades. 

Also, he made a bet for the future by signing Fabio Carvalho, a teenager from Fulham. And guess what, he too is from Portugal, meaning that the Germans found some connection with this country and the attackers coming from the same. 

Liverpool’s attack is still one of the most potent and maybe even better than it was with Mane, Salah and Firmino. Time will give us an answer to this claim. Overall, the Reds have one very offensive-minded crew, with Robertson and Alexander-Arnold, who are on the rival’s half of the field most of the time. 

One thing is sure here, Liverpool’s games will still be enjoyable to watch. The mentality and the philosophy are the same, only with different players. Expect the Reds in all the trophy battles.