It is imperative to research and analyze football matches before placing a wager. Whether betting on NetBet Sport for correct score, accumulators, double result, last scorer, specials, number of corners, yellow cards, etc., you should base your predictions on statistical information and do not just jump in blindly. Read on to find out the evaluations you should make beforehand.

The league position

Always use the league table to check the positions of teams before wagering on them to avoid surprises. You might think that a team is good because it is famous. However, it might not be doing well during this season. Additionally, analyze the number of home and away wins and draws to identify the performance pattern of the specific teams you are interested in. The goal difference also helps you know which teams score more goals, lose, and have strong defenses.

Match fixtures

Take a look at the fixtures list beforehand since some teams are known for overperforming or underperforming against particular teams at certain season periods. Assess when some teams are most likely to have a difficult month, for instance, when the top teams are playing against each other. Also, keep in mind the international breaks for world cup qualifiers which often break a team’s form and injure star players.

Previous outcomes

When betting on football, you need to consider a team’s previous wins. For instance, if a team has won five games in a row, there is a likelihood of a draw on the horizon. Similarly, if a team has lost five games in a row, you can start gambling on a draw.

Football statistics

Before placing a wager on football matches, look at football statistics, especially for derby games and bitter rivals. Derby games occur between two teams from the same city, for instance, Athletico Madrid vs. Real Madrid. Bitter rivals are between teams known for stiff competitiveness, such as Man United and Man City. Such games are usually very emotional, and the likelihood of yellow cards and red cards is high. On the other hand, bogey teams often lose or fail to perform well against a particular team year after year. For instance, Crystal Palace is considered Liverpool’s bogey team. Assessing the discipline of teams also helps you identify which games to wager on in the yellow and red card markets.

The weather conditions

The climatic conditions, summer or winter, location, and time of a match can impact its outcome. Keep in mind that teams are made up of players from around the world, and some players, including the stars, find it hard to adapt to playing in some climatic conditions. For example, Brazilian and Spanish players do not enjoy playing in North East England in December, while the English players find it hard to adapt to 30degrees Celcius on a sunny afternoon in May.

Also, evaluate the pitch and stadium architecture. Teams that like to play a quick passing game prefer wet playing surfaces, while teams like a long ball game do not perform well on extremely windy days. Also, determine how a team’s travel journey impacts their preparations and performance. Analyzing all these things puts you in a better position in predicting the outcome of a match.

Kick-off time

Kick-off time can impact players’ performances. This kind of information is connected to fixtures. For instance, a team playing a European game on a Wednesday evening has to play again on Saturday afternoon, which means they have less time to recover and rest than teams playing on Sunday afternoon. With early kick-off, the players have to adapt their sleeping patterns, which can impact their performance. So you also need to monitor how kick-off times affect teams.

Star players

When thinking about key players, do not just focus on the top teams. Take your time also to assess overrated and underrated players. Some fans may overvalue or undervalue players based on their age, reputation, loyalty or disloyalty, etc. But you should be your own judge. Depending on your history of winning or losing bets, you can decide for yourself which players are good or not. Remember that some players coming from injury may be mentally stressed and may not perform maximumly. Team members can also be affected when key players are injured.

The sum up

As you can see, you cannot predict a football match using only one bit of information. You have to consider all the variables and research many things to get a clearer picture of what you want to wager on.