We all like to know how much a team has to spend in the upcoming transfer window as it provides us with a degree of expectation about who a club could look to sign as they aim to further strengthen their squads.

Of course, gone are the days where a team could spend without having to fear any consequences due to the introduction of financial fair play (FFP) rules, although it would seem that the latest figures would suggest some could still go out and spend as much as they want.

Indeed, with the numbers that are thought to be available to teams this summer, it does not come as a surprise that many are already heading to sites and clicking here on netti-kasino for the best possible bonuses that they can find.

Newcastle United were always going to be considered to be a club that are going to have the financial power to make a huge splash in the transfer window and new manager Eddie Howe is expected to be backed with the funds required to turn things around.

However, it would seem that there are a few clubs above them that could potentially spend more, although it would have to be debatable as to whether they have the funds, or requirement, to spend as much as is being suggested could whilst remaining within the limits that FFP provides.

According to a report by The Daily Mail and the football business lecturer that they have teamed up with, this is what the projected spend by each club could potentially be:

1. Tottenham Hotspur – £400 million

2. Liverpool – £273 million

3. Manchester United – £243 million

4. Chelsea – £241 million

5. Arsenal – £201 million

6. Burnley – £171 million

7. Newcastle United – £166 million

8. Leeds United – £99 million

9. Norwich City – £92 million

10. Brentford – £88 million

11. Brighton – £85 million

12. Manchester City – £84 million

13. Leicester City – £79 million

14. West Ham United – £71 million

15. Wolves – £70 million

16. Crystal Palace – £66 million

17. Watford – £60 million

18. Southampton – £37 million

19. Aston Villa – £5 million

20. Everton – minus £35 million

The rules around FFP are based on the proviso that clubs in the Premier League are allowed to make losses of up to £105 million over a three-year period, but they can spend more money if they turn a profit.

Spurs are perhaps the most surprising, although that might also be down to the “business model rather than the trophy-winning model” that the club employs.

It will be interesting to see what the teams will spend in January to try and improve their squads further, but for some, they might want to try and improve their positions within the Premier League between now and then, otherwise money might not be enough to convince them to sign on the dotted line.

Oh, and Everton, you might want to build some funds, as well.