There has been a lot to try and digest over the course of the weekend in the Premier League, with a number of interesting points clearly being highlighted.

There will have been a number of fans that were happy with what they saw from their team on the pitch over the weekend, although if you watched much of the football live, it would seem there were a lot that were very unhappy with what they witnessed from the home side with many leading to strong and vocal boos; perhaps they were just getting into the Halloween spirit as parties were likely to take place later that night?

Maybe, though, some would have been frustrated as they would have found themselves on the losing end of bets that they had placed with the sportsbooks that they had found when using for all of their betting needs?

Tottenham have already decided to act on the chorus of jeers experienced during and after the humiliating defeat to Manchester United, with ‘El Sackio’ actually seeing one man lose his job: Nuno Espirito Santo.

However, what has been learned over the course of the weekend? We took a look at what the team of The Guardian writers had to say:

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s tenure at Manchester United may have been extended with some fine tactics, but will it continue? With issues still present, there still appears to be a long road ahead.

Speaking of long roads, Newcastle United are certainly going to be on one. They frustrated Chelsea for a large portion of the game, however once they were broken down, they were comprehensively beaten and in rather worrying fashion.

Manchester City were shocked by Crystal Palace at the weekend in a game that can now be considered a bogey one for the Citizens as they seem to struggle against the Eagles. However, the south London outfit should not be written off as they have proven to be a fine unit under Patrick Vieira and are unlucky not to have more points on the board. If they had managed to see out wins against Brighton & Hove Albion and Arsenal, then they would have been sitting in or around seventh.

Arsenal, though, are quietly putting together a run of form that should make teams they go up against feel a little concerned, and whilst Brentford had that appeal, they were given a reality check by Burnely as they were outplayed at Turf Moor.

Aston Villa continue to trend negatively with Dean Smith coming under fire, whilst West Ham are the complete opposite as they head up the table as David Moyes can do no wrong with the Londoners. Brighton frustrated Liverpool, whereas Southampton gave Claudio Ranieri’s Watford a come down from last weekend as Leeds United made it another disappointing afternoon for Norwich City.

What will we learn from Wolves and Everton? Let’s find out on Monday.