Brentford hosted Leicester City at the Brentford Community Stadium for Matchday 9 of the 2021-22 Premier League season. The Foxes were able to come out with a 2-1 victory from their trip to London, as they took the lead through Tielemans early in the first half before Mathias Jorgensen equalized for Brentford at the hour mark. James Maddison scored the winner for the visitors in the 74th minute, as Brendan Rodgers’ men were able to hold on to their 2-1 lead.

We’ve broken down all the key stats for you to digest, including;

* shot maps

* xT (expected threat)

* pass networks

* xG timelines

* defensive duels

* average positions and much more!

We also try to answer some questions for you with the visuals;

Who had the most shots for Leicester City in the match? Who was the best passer for Brentford?

To navigate the stats gallery simply click on the numbers to move through the pages.

At the end of the gallery, you’ll be able to download the full PDF stats report.

EPL Stats Gallery: Brentford vs Leicester City