The English Premier League has some of the most talented and best strikers in the world. The fight for the Golden Boot this season is going to be an interesting one between many worthy competitors. Sergio Aguero left the Premier League as one of the best ever strikers in the league, but with the return of Romelu Lukaku and Cristiano Ronaldo, things will surely get very interesting.

EPL Stats Gallery: StrikersThe race for the Golden Boot does include midfielders like Bruno Fernandes as well, but in this post we will be analyzing the number nines of the Premier League. Early in the season, strikers like Calvert-Lewin and Michael Antonio have continued to score like last season, while others like Lukaku and Ronaldo have straight away had a huge impact on their teams.

EPL Stats Gallery: Strikers

The number of shots taken by Mane and Antonio are the most in the league. Other strikers like Greenwood, Salah, Lukaku have also taken shots in double figures so far.

EPL Stats Gallery: Strikers

Strikers are expected to hold the ball up front and take many touches inside and around the opposition penalty area. Jack Grealish and Sadio Mane have the most touches in opponent penalty areas.

EPL Stats Gallery: Strikers

Sadio Mane has the highest accumulated xG in the league so far with 3.66. Other players that have shown impressive xG are Dominic Calvert-Lewin(2.84), Michail Antonio(2.6), Mo Salah(2.41) and Romelu Lukaku(2.2).

Therefore, it is visible that there is a huge competition among strikers for the Golden Boot race early on in the season. Most of the strikers have already scored goals and are looking to score more in the coming games.

Here, we will now analyze the performance of 10 such strikers for matchweek 4 of the Premier League, We will be looking at the shot maps of various strikers in the Premier League further in this post.