Leicester City‘s Brendan Rodgers is likely to be the next Premier League manager to be sacked after a poor start to the season, with the club losing their last five games after seven games. Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers says Leicester is no longer the club it was two years ago and says the team “haven’t gotten the help they need” in the transfer market this summer as he remains at the Bottom of the Premier League. Brendan Rodgers has three years left on his contract and is one of the highest-paid managers in the Premier League, and Leicester City is assessing the financial impact of his sacking. With his side facing a fifth defeat in six games and his future increasingly in jeopardy, Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers dispatched the greatest player in the club’s history to save him.

Brendan Rodgers could avoid being sacked by Leicester City over a clause in his King Power Stadium contract. According to The Sun, Leicester City could be banned from sacking Rodgers as their current financial difficulties mean they may not have enough money to pay the manager his $10 million severance package, which was included in his contract. The bad news is also piling up for Rodgers and the club. Throughout the summer, the gap between Rodgers and his team grew steadily. Manager Brendan Rodgers oversaw a change of fortune at Leicester City. Target manager Brendan Rodgers admitted that the stats “did not read well” for either him or Leicester and realised he was unsure if he would still be in charge of King Power Stadium after this hiatus.

Youri Tielemans claims he has no regrets about his choice despite Leicester’s modest position in the league. Youri Tielemans’ contract with Leicester expires at the end of this season, but he has decided to stay at King Power Stadium for the current season. Youri Tielemans was linked with a move from Leicester, and current Premier League leaders Arsenal were enthusiastic about the 25-year-old, but interest cooled off later in the summer.

There was every indication last season that an indeed, truly historically significant era for the club may finally be coming to an end. With just seven games into this season, the decline is starting to look irreversible if nothing is done. If, as it seems likely, Saturday’s 6-2 loss against Tottenham turns out to be Brendan Rodgers‘ last game at the top of Leicester, that should upset anyone who wants to see a serious challenge to the Premier League’s big six. Unfortunately for Rodgers, his team had just lost 4-2, and Brighton was out of sight.

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