West Ham stunned Liverpool 3-2 at London Stadium as the Reds suffered their first defeat of the Premier League season in a five-goal thriller. The Hammers took an early lead when Alisson scored an own goal a few minutes into the game. Alexander-Arnold pulled one back for Liverpool via a free-kick before the break. Fornals then equalized for West Ham in the 66th-minute following which Zouma doubled the advantage through a header. Origi scored the final goal of the game in the 82nd minute.

We’ve broken down all the key stats for you to digest, including;
* shot maps
* xT (expected threat)
* pass networks
* xG timelines
* defensive duels
* average positions and much more!

We also try to answer some questions for you with the visuals;

Which team had higher shot accuracy? Who won the most aerial duels?

To navigate the stats gallery simply click on the numbers to move through the pages.

At the end of the gallery, you’ll be able to download the full PDF stats report.

Premier League Stats: West Ham United vs Liverpool