The star goalkeeper has been in excellent form this season, and he enhanced his reputation by missing the international break due to Nick Pope’s struggles, propelling him into consideration as a potential replacement for David de Gea at Old Trafford, where they were debating a new contract due to a spiralling wage bill.

Campbell, a Sky Sports pundit, acknowledges that the former Sunderland man has been “outstanding” this season, but believes it is not difficult to find competent goalkeepers, therefore if the player wants to leave, he should be allowed to.

Speaking exclusively to Goodison News he said: “At the end of the day, personally I think Pickford’s had his detractors, and he’s had his moments at Everton, difficult times.

“But one thing’s for sure. He is England’s number one. He’s the man with the shirt, he’s never let England down, and he’s been producing solid performances week in, week out for Everton.

“It seems as though, touch wood, a lot of the silly mistakes, he’s erasing those things out of his game.

“He’s an experienced goalkeeper now, so cutting out the stupidity and stuff like that it’s made him a better all-round keeper, and you can see that he is.

“He’s got a little injury at the moment, so I’m hoping he’ll be back, but he’s been excellent.

“And it wouldn’t surprise me if Man United want him. It would not surprise me because he’s very good. He’s very good with his feet. Passing-wise his range is ridiculous, and he’s a damn-good goalkeeper, he’s England’s number one.

“So I wouldn’t be surprised if they were interested. Now, I think the bottom line comes down to the player. If the player wanted to go to Manchester United then I’m sure Frank Lampard [could find a replacement].

“There’s loads of good goalkeepers out there. There are a lot. So I don’t think Everton would stand in his way, especially if the money’s right.”

Pickford, 28, has been a steady essential man at Goodison Park during difficult times, and with Richarlison already gone and the vultures still around Anthony Gordon, it would be a gamble to allow the match-day captain go.

Lampard would need to have a ready-made replacement set up ahead of time, and the deal would have to be substantial for it to be considered, or else constructing this team will be one step forward and two steps back.

The England number one is not everyone’s cup of tea, but he is increasingly proving himself in a Toffees shirt so while it is no surprise there is interest it will not be the news that many fans want to hear.

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