Forward Roberto Firmino has been one of the biggest stars for Liverpool FC as he is on the last year of his five year/$46.8 million contract, meaning that he made a little under $9.5 million throughout the length of his deal per season. However, at 30 years old at this point and with Liverpool already securing a contract with the club for a brand new three year deal and selling Sadio Mane to Bayern Munich, this could be a big issue similar to what the New York Yankees are currently dealing with Aaron Judge in baseball. 

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What is Next?

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has publicly stated that Roberto Firmino is currently “the heart and soul” of the club and is going to play a critical role in terms of where they want to be throughout the Premier League season. To get the full jist of what Klopp was saying, he said “Bobby is crucial for us, the heart and soul of this team, the way we played i nthe last years was only possible because of Bobby… That’s why ‘m really happy he was able to train for a majority of the time here in pre-season so far. Everything looks really good so I am absolutely fine. There is no doubt about Bobby’s quality. All the rest we will see how this year goes but he is essential for us.”

That is lofty praise for one of the best forwards in the game today. It has been reported that he is a $20 million transfer target for Juventus, which seems to make a lot of sense as he can be an impactful player for at least another few years up to this point.

Will There Be Another Contract Coming His Way?

I know the old adage in sports is that you need to pay players for what they will do, not what they have done but with the ability to dominate has definitely been there. FIrmino has been one of the best players in the Premier League as in 231 career games, he has scored 71 goals and 51 assists in those competitions. He has dominated other leagues throughout his career as in 518 career games, he has a total of 155 goals and 110 assists. 

This will be an incredible asset to any team and having Liverpool no longer being in the mix will be stronger for the rest of the Premier League as losing a stud forward that can score with the best of them will hurt atop of their injury concerns heading into the Premier League regular season. 

I think Liverpool is not in a good position because they are at a point where they need to keep Roberto Firmino. However, they can pull the plug on him as they already won a Premier League championship and look to reset. I believe that they are going to spend money on a brand new contract that is similar to what Firmino originally signed as he will become 31 years old in October and playing forward has a lot of stress on the body. 


I know it is difficult when a star player is nearing the end of their contract, but you cannot kill the rest of your roster just to keep a player of Firmino’s talent level or overpay for him and risk keeping a solid core. What do you believe, should Roberto Firmino remain with Liverpool by signing a brand new deal or is this the final season for both sides?

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