It is no secret that England is the birthplace of football, and the English leagues are among the most popular in the world. More than 3 billion people watch the Premier League every year, and nearly $4 million is wagered on each match in the United Kingdom alone. The English Premier League is also popular in the United States and the EPL is preferred to Major League Soccer.

Since sports betting is now legal in the United States, more Americans are interested in betting on English football. If you’ve never staked on a game before, you might not know where to begin and how to get started? To make betting on English football easier in the US, we’ve put this article down.

Steps to take if you want to stake on a premier league game

Finding a Legal Sportsbook

Finding a trustworthy online sportsbook is your first step to betting on English football. You may or may not be able to bet depending on where you live. Pennsylvania, Delaware, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Rhode Island are some of the states that allow legal sports betting.

You still need to make sure that the website you use is legal and safe, even though sports betting is legal in these states. Reading reviews is an excellent way to find out this information. By checking for reviews on our page, you can determine whether a site is safe to use, as well as learn more about the markets, odds, and the sports on offer.

Away from this, the importance of wagering at a top betting site cannot be ignored. You can come across them by visiting several platforms. The different top features you are likely to come across will enhance your overall user experience and improve your betting skills.

It is also important to make the most of amazing bonuses that sports betting sites are willing to offer. The bonus code bet365 for World Cup is available on the internet. This helps you improve your chances of winning.

Understanding Football Markets

The simplicity of football rules and its exciting nature has made football popular all over the world. Despite not being as popular as other sports like basketball in the United States, football can be found in the majority of online sportsbooks due to its popularity. Players can find odds on the English Premier League to bet on at any good online sportsbook, and most will also offer odds on English Championship games.

You should consider the markets available on English football before making any move to register an account on any Sportsbook. Although these are not overly complicated, you’ll want to make sure you understand what you’re betting on because the odds are slightly different on the American sports market.

You can bet on the following English football markets:

Moneyline Bet – A Moneyline bet works the same as it does in other sports bets. It is your choice whether to wager on which team to win or to opt for the draw and then wait for the result to find out if you won.

Moneyline bet represents one of the simplest wagers in the sports betting industry. This kinds of bet are associated with two or three outcomes, and these depend on the type of sport. Bettors can choose a player or team to win when two players or teams are listed on the moneyline bet.

Another reason why the moneyline bet is quite simple is the fact that there is an absence of point spread. What bettors must simply do is to select a winning side. If a draw is available as an option, it is possible to pick a draw as well.

Asian Handicap – Bets on Asian handicaps are similar to spread bets. The preferred team is given a handicap. To beat the handicap and win the game, the preferred team must score several goals.

As the name implies, this form of betting originates in Asia and is mostly available in football. On the other hand, handicap implies that one team has a virtual lead over the other side. This form of betting removes the chance of a draw in a match. As a result, the possible outcomes are two.


After picking the market and event you want to bet on, you can deposit funds into your account and begin betting. It is important to keep in mind that you can place a bet on pre-match odds and in-play odds at the same time. You can watch the game live as you place your bets, and get more information about the game.

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