Liverpool are enjoying an inspired run of form right now in both the Premier League and the Champions League. They are placed second in the league, one point behind leaders Chelsea and are yet to lose a game as the international break comes to an end. They have similarly maintained their form in the Champions League as they sit top of Group B, winning both of their opening fixtures.

Although in an almost similar manner as the last season the Reds have had to contend with plenty of injuries in their camp. For the second season running, young midfielder Curtis Jones has been instrumental for his side as multiple players have had injury concerns. He has stepped up for Liverpool whenever he is required.

Last season he made twenty-four appearances in the Premier League for Jurgen Klopp’s side scoring one goals and adding two assists. The young midfielder has already scored in and added a further three assists across six games in all competitions this year. He has made three appearances in the Premier League scoring one goal and adding one assist. He scored his opening goal in the Premier League in Liverpool’s game against Brentford. Jones came on as a substitute3 and scored in the 67th minute of the match, his deflected, right-footed shot from outside the box gave Liverpool.

Despite his young age, Jones has displayed maturity in his game and Klopp believes that he is at the right stage in his career to show consistency in his performances.

Let’s look at his stats to understand if he has stepped up for Liverpool this season.

Curtis Jones 2021/22 Liverpool Data Stats

One of his roles, when Liverpool have ball possession and are looking to break the defensive line of their opponents, is to create spaces for his teammates and help them to progress the ball further up the pitch. He accomplishes this by utilizing his adept movement in multiple areas of the pitch. Although he has been involved in only three games in the Premier League, the majority of his attacking and creativity stats are above the median league value.

Curtis Jones 2021/22 Liverpool Data Stats

Jones’ passing and progression stats are similarly impressive in the few games that he has been part of.  His best traits are his tactical understanding and game intelligence. Young players are capable of learning the game by seeing game time, and while he still has long ways to go in terms of technical skill and tactical awareness, Jones has shown brilliant understanding of the high pressing system employed by Jurgen Klopp. His awareness allows him to switch positions or make runs in the field adeptly.

Curtis Jones 2021/22 Liverpool Data Stats

Jones is a fantastic young midfielder with a wide array of passes in his arsenal. He is brilliant in possession and has displayed certainly recently just how much his defensive capabilities have improved with great performances. His pass map shows areas of the pitch in which he is involved in passing moves. He often drops deep in his own half to help out his team in defensive transitions.

Curtis Jones 2021/22 Liverpool Data Stats

As indicated by his heat map, Jones’ usually positions himself towards the left-hand side of the pitch in the half-space and even in the wide areas, but we can also see he has a very similar role on the right-hand side as well. The young midfielder is composed in possession for an advanced midfielder, which is a brilliant trait for a player of his age. His quickness and composure with the ball make him harder for the opponents to press. His mobility and work rate has been impressive in the games that he has been involved in.

Curtis Jones has all the traits that are required to succeed at the top level. While he can still improve with his consistency in the games, his tactical awareness in multiple areas of the pitch will prove to be an asset for Jurgen Klopp’s side as the season moves forward. With Liverpool having to contend with multiple injuries this season, Jones is sure to be involved in starting eleven. The stats indicate that Curtis Jones has indeed stepped up for Liverpool this season.