The Premier League era has been home to some of football’s most exciting playmakers. Those who would be called ‘assist king’ and ‘maestro’ have played in this league over the years from Cesc Fabregas and Wayne Rooney to Ryan Giggs and Dennis Bergkamp before them.

There are two players right now who have excellent assist records in the Premier League. Players who at the end of their careers will be regarded as legends in this League and their names are Christian Eriksen and Kevin De Bruyne.

These two players have topped the Premier League assist charts consistently since arriving in England.


Kevin De Bruyne just broke the record for fastest player to reach 50 League assists in City’s win against Bournemouth on Sunday. That is 18 games fewer than the previous fastest, Mesut Özil of Arsenal.

Christian Eriksen currently has 60 assists and ranks 19th on the all-time list while De Bruyne ranks 36th on the list.

Christian Eriksen’s days might be numbered in England but if he decides to stay he could be the top 10 of all-time on the list as well as Kevin De Bruyne who will be there in no time.

Using stats compiled by Whoscored, Eriksen has played a total of 209 appearances and a total of 17,377 minutes since his first League appearance in 2013.

In 17,377 minutes he has averaged an assist every 289 minutes with 2.5 key passes a game. This also means that he has averaged an assist every 0.28 games since 2013.

He passes an average of 50.5 times per game with a passing accuracy of 81.72%. His overall rating is 7.17.

Kevin De Bruyne, on the other hand, has played 123 games since he arrived at the Etihad with 9,211 Premier League minutes under his belt.

In that time, he has assisted 50 times (the fastest player to do so), registering an assist every 184 minutes and 0.4 games.

He also has a superior 3.12 key passes a game and 51.9 average passes per game. His overall rating is 7.69 over his five years in the League.

Kevin De Bruyne has played 86 fewer games than Eriksen and is already nearing the Dane’s record in assists.

There’s no doubt the Belgian is the kind of playmakers in England and maybe he could become the greatest one of them all.


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