Accumulator betting allows you to win big money with small bets. If you’ve placed an accumulator before you’ll know how exciting and simultaneously disappointing, they can be. An accumulator bet is when you place a bet on at least four different outcomes. When the odds of these outcomes are multiplied, you get larger odds. For example, you may place a bet on the outcomes of four different Premier League matches. Instead of placing four individual bets, you place one bet on all of the odds multiplied together. Here are some top tips to get the most out of your accumulator bets, with some bookmakers free bets listed, too.


Get the Premier League website and Transfermarkt open because you need to start doing your research. Doing the appropriate research is key to a successful accumulator. Betting markets such as both teams to score, result outcomes and first goalscorers aren’t completely random. By putting in the extra hours, you’ll increase the chances of picking a winning bet. More than ever, football data is widely available to punters to make informed decisions. Make sure you’re using this data to your advantage and applying it logically to your betting choices. If you’re making a bet on result outcomes then you need to make sure you’re looking at the team’s recent form, their recent head to heads, injuries and other important contextual data such as whose home and away and even how the manager performs in certain conditions. Looking at historical data such as the two teams previous results can also be useful.

Acca Insurance

Acca insurance gives you a safety net if all of your acca stakes come in but you lose just one. If you’ve made a 6-fold accumulator and every result comes in apart from one, some bookmakers will refund your original bet – great news! There are certain terms and conditions that are applied to this such as the maximum amount you can bet with for this to apply (some limit it at £20 or £50) but most bookmakers will offer acca insurance in some form. This changes the dynamic of accumulator betting as it allows you to place a riskier stake knowing you have a fail-safe to fall back on with acca insurance.

Don’t chase the impossible

Accumulators can be very exciting when you pick 8, 9 or even 10 stakes to put on your bet slip. Sometimes you’ll look at the odds for your accumulator and get excited because if it comes in, you’ll become a millionaire! However, the odds of this happening are so dramatically slim that you’ll be placing an accumulator for the rest of your life and you’ll never win. You’ll be rewarded better by placing smarter and safer accumulator bets. There’s a reason why the odds for those crazy accumulator selections are so high – the bookies know it’s never going to happen. If you’re placing bets on 10+ fold accumulators, you’re essentially playing the lottery. Stick to making smaller, incremental wins by sticking to what you know.

Fill your value picks with solid picks

There’s a certain finesse when it comes to playing smart accumulators. If you fill your accumulator with risky bets alone then you’re hoping for a lot of luck to come your way. By doing so, you’re leaving the accumulator totally out of your control. By making measured decisions, you can have more control over the outcome. For example, a more balanced accumulator would contain 2 riskier bets (such as Aston Villa to draw with Manchester City), padded out with a few safer options (such as Liverpool to beat Bournemouth). You want to make the accumulator valuable but you also want to win! By padding out your accumulator with more measured bets that you’re sure will come in, you increase your chances of winning. Don’t be fooled into selecting bets with higher odds because you want the bigger pay-off. If the research indicates a certain result, then stick with your guns even if the odds are lower.

Different markets

A sure way to spice up your accumulators is by trying out different markets. Often, punters will levitate to result based bets such as win/draws. However, you can compile accumulators with all kinds of betting markets. For example, you could bet on both teams to score, half-time results, goalscorers or even win both halves bets. In your research you may find a trend or signal that another outcome is going to happen such as a team that consistently leads the game at half-time. By sticking to results betting you wouldn’t be able to capitalise on this trend brought to light by your research and bet on it. Giving way to other markets opens up more opportunities and more opportunities to win.