Football Betting has always been one of the most popular forms of sports betting in the past few years in the United Kingdom. With many both online bookmakers and bookies offering competitive odds and offers, there has been a hot market that allows punters to place their bets.

With the massive availability of matches, there are possibly thousands or even millions of players who place football bets with a different set of outcomes to try and defeat their respective bookies. Here is how the football betting market works.

Introduction to how betting works

Odds are what the bookmakers set to help the bettors determine the probability of an event happening and the potential winnings they could have. The Bookies set the odds to help the punters, the odds are usually shown, depending on the website you access, infractions like (2/1), and sometimes in decimals like (2.00). Placing a £1 bet on an odd set at 2/1 will be able to land you £2 when you win. Football Betting has been tagged as one of the sports betting with the highest risk in the betting market

How football betting works

Just like how there are thousands of football matches available, there are also thousands of markets to place football bets every week. The bookies release the odds that could predict the outcome of a football match, which includes the correct score, a win, lose or draw, number of corners, first goalscorer, and so on.

To lure in punters, several online bookmakers will bring out special offers and highly competitive odds to tailor out the best bet for you. You will be able to claim your winnings only when the outcome is exactly what you predicted will happen. There is the case of a Manchester United fan betting on Liverpool to win the 19/20 Premier League, a bet he placed back in October.

There are different types of bets, which is where betting on football betting gets complicated thanks to its wide range of possibilities.

Match Bet 

This is the most famous as well as the simplest type of betting on football as it only requires you to place a bet on the Home team, Away Team or Draw. It is often represented with (1X2), with (1) meaning you favour the home team winning, (2) is the away team, and (X) is the match ending in a draw. You have to take note that this betting only covers for the 90-minute game as bets do not go through to extra-time or penalties.

Half Time/Full-Time Football Betting 

This is a type of football bet, where you can place a bet on the first half of the second half of the game. You can bet on either the home team, away team, or a draw, one for each half of the match. This type of bet is for the adept football fans that have impressive knowledge and also know-how teams start strong or weak or finish the game, weak or strong. Gathering information is also important, you can understand the players sidelined for the club. For example, in a match like where Arsenal defeat Liverpool in a 2-1 win at Emirates Stadium, the Gunners could be said to have won the first half of the game after scoring two goals, while the second half ended in a draw with neither side unable to gain the advantage to extend the lead or equalize the match.

Asian Handicaps 

This is a famous type of football betting. This is a type of football betting that gives a goal handicap to the stronger team – the team most likely to win – so they have to score a certain amount of goals for you to win the bet, but when it ends in a draw your stake will be returned to you. This makes them all the more interesting with its high odds.

Keep in mind that you can’t always win football bets, there are bound to be losses too betting has always been said to be a risk, keep gathering information learn from your mistakes. Remember to always gamble responsibly, keep a clear head.