After the transfer of Gareth Bale, Tottenham Hotspur signed another Real Madrid player to improve their defence. Sergio Reguilón, the Spanish left-back was one of the top left-backs and is a really interesting transfer for Spurs and also for José Mourinho. Here are is a tactical analysis as well as a scout report of another Real Madrid player coming to the Premier League.

Attacking Phase

The Spanish international was playing the last season for Sevilla on loan from Real Madrid. He played 38 matches for Sevilla. During his time he scored three goals and grabbed five assists. He plays as a left-back but he was very active for Sevilla attack during his time. His average rating in LaLiga was 7.13. His attacking way is different. We have seen players especially the left-backs making the space of the ground wide by being on the wings. Reguilón cuts the ball in the centre and passes the player who is in front of him. He has a lot of speed and because of that, he exploits the space from the centre rather than the wings. This confuses the defenders because his style of play is unique and interesting in the counter-attack. Tottenham needs more attacks from their left side and Reguilón would be the perfect fit for it.

Sergio Reguilon 2020/21 Scout Report tactics
Reguilon finding space in the centre

In the picture you can see Reguilón is having the ball but rather than going from the wings he cuts from outside to the centre and makes space for his players on the wings. His top speed in his last season in La Liga was 33.53 km/hr. He uses this turn of pace to burst past defenders when attacking and chasing long balls. Here is another example of his gameplay to help in the attack.

Sergio Reguilon 2020/21 Scout Report tactics

In this picture, he gets in the cuts in the centre to exploit the space and making space for his fellow teammate. He gives the ball to his teammate in the flank and gets inside the box to receive the ball. He is not afraid to take on defenders and registered 1.6 successful dribbles per game last season, the fourth-highest of all La Liga defender playing over 10 games

Defensive Phase

He is a great left-back. Because of his speed, he has an advantage while transitioning from defence to attack. Reguilon has averaged 1.8 tackles and 1.1 interceptions per match in last season’s LaLiga. It is a pretty good average for a young left-back.  He made 1.5 tackles and 2 interceptions per game in the Europa League. The percentage of accurate passes is 81% in LaLiga. He has no errors leading to a goal and was dribbled past only 0.2 times per match in the Europa League.

Sergio Reguilon 2020/21 Scout Report tacticsIn the above picture, he is the one who will reach the ball first before the opponent because he has that 30+ km/hr speed. As I said before he is very agile for the transition from defence into attack. He also comes from behind. When Sevilla losses the ball he has that speed to come back from the opponents half to his half for defending. Below is an example of it.

Sergio Reguilon 2020/21 Scout Report tactics

He is behind the player still he will be able to defend the ball just because of his speed. There are many other interesting stats. His accurate passes are 81%. His successful dribbles in La Liga are 71% which is more than the average of a left-back. Success tackles are 53%. Reguilón also registered 1.3 key passes per game, the fifth-highest of all LaLiga defenders, plus an assist on his Spain debut against Ukraine this month.

Tottenham Hotspur

They signed two Real Madrid players in one week. It is going to be interesting to see José Mourinho’s tactics and what changes will he makes for the new signings. Tottenham’s main reason to sign Reguilón was to have the main left-back. Danny Rose had injuries regularly and he wasn’t able to create a lot of attacks from the left flank. Tottenham needs someone to help them build an attack from the left flank. Tottenham has less than 30% attack which happens from the left flank. 

Here is the heat map for Reguilón

Sergio Reguilon 2020/21 Scout Report tactics
Heat map of Sergio Reguilon

He is very active on the left flank which makes him important for the Tottenham attack. Son Heung-min is a vital player for creating the attack. He needs the support of a full back to help him in the flanks. Reguilón is the perfect person for it. He cuts in the inside and makes space for his teammate in the flank. Son is a player who will try to get from the flank and then cut inside the box.

Sergio Reguilon 2020/21 Scout Report tactics

As you can see Tottenham attack is from the centre of the field. There is no Tottenham player on the left flank. There is a space which can be utilized by Reguilón and it can haunt the opposition

Preferable Lineup

Mourinho would prefer four at the defence. With two new signings, one left-back and one right-wing here might be the possible lineup according to the tactical analysis.

Sergio Reguilon 2020/21 Scout Report tactics

Mourinho would be excited to play four backs. He wasn’t able to do it because he didn’t have a world-class left-back. Now with Reguilón, he would be able to do it. The lineup would be 4-3-3, The special one style. Spurs could attack with symmetry in the full-backs or could move to a five-man defence to cover the attacking wide men.


Reguilón is a young Spanish international left-back. He also won the Europa League with Sevilla in August and he has also proved his game in the top-flight matches. He will be one of the top plates in Tottenham. The Son-Reguilón partnership will be really exciting to watch.  He is currently injured and Tottenham fans are eagerly waiting for him. He is a really good signing for the spurs. However, Real Madrid has put a buyback clause in his transfer but while he is in the Premier league he is gonna enjoy and maybe have a world-class season under Mourinho.