Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah have been important members of the Liverpool squad for quite a while now, with both playing their roles so well and not letting it clash head on.

As seen on Express Uk, the duo could be going through a fall out as the 27-year-old Senegalese expressed his frustration at Salah after been substituted in their match against Burnley.

Those in the Liverpool camp were quick to play the incident down, while those at the centre of the squabble have since seen the funny side, with Mane admitting that his Anfield colleagues are not allowing the incident die down.

While speaking about the rift, the Senegalese explained how his team mates were teasing both of them with the incident.

“Everyone was taking the p*ss out of us.

“[Georginio] Wijnaldum, who likes to tease people, waited until everyone was there, came up to me and asked out loud, ‘Mo Salah, why did Mane want to hit you?’ and the whole team started laughing.”

“It was a misunderstanding.

“I just wanted to help the team. You look at teams like [Manchester] City, they sometimes score five or six.

“If there’s a possibility to kill off the game as quickly as possible all the while trying to score many goals, I think that’s important, and so I was a bit frustrated.

“We just talked, and everything was like before.

“We talked between ourselves, and then the manager called me into his office and we spoke.

“I told him it was already sorted and he was pleasantly surprised.”

Why it’s not good for Liverpool

The way both players relate on and off the pitch is enough proof that they both don’t have anything against each other but we all know sometimes things can become heated when under pressure.

If they actually have something against each other, something we really don’t want to believe, it might be a big problem for Liverpool as they are always beside each other on the pitch and their disagreement might manifest on the field, affecting the team’s game play.

Why it shouldn’t affect anything

As much as the rift between the two caused some tension in the dressing room, the way it was handled and played down reflected how strong the team is together and how they handle issues relating to each other.

Salah was said to have asked Mane what the problem was and they had talked it out. If not for anything, it shows two players who want to see each other win and are demanding of each other and that’s a great thing for the team as that winning spirit will boost the team’s spirit.


Disagreements will always happen between people but how it’s handled is what matters. With Mane and Salah, it was handled the best way possible to show the two players respects the relationship they share and are willing to let whatever it is that caused it all go.

That is a good sign as it helps the team move on instead of being pulled back because of players who would choose themselves over the club.


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