Manchester United has been riding on an old glory since Sir Alex Ferguson resigned as the club’s manager. The situation in the club becomes critical by the day with them changing coaches just to get the desired result. From 2013 till now, the Red Devils has had four different managers (including Ole Gunnar) and one caretaker.

David Moyes took over in July 2013 and was sacked in April 2014. Ryan Giggs then took over in April 2004 as a caretaker till May 2014 after which Louis van Gaal took charge in July 2014 till May 2016 and then Jose Mourinho came in and was somehow the most successful among them all with four cups. He was also sacked because many felt his methods were too old. Since Ole Gunnar took over in 2018, its been one thing or the other and the club still hasn’t been able to get its bearing.

Currently, they are 12th on the Premier League table, a situation that has left many fans talking and asking for a quick fix.

As it stands, three things are likely to happen in the Manchester United camp before the end of the season and as sad as some of those things might be, it is the reality of what the club faces and will serve as a wake up call for them.

Sign new players

This is not bad at all. The club needs fresh minds that can replace the rusty ones they have. If anything at all, it’s that the current Manchester United squad has a big void that needs to be filled. A couple of the club’s key players suffer from injury and there are not so many replacements to cover up.

Manchester United find themselves particularly short of attacking options and lack the squad depth to compete with Liverpool and Manchester City, as their current injury crisis has proven in recent weeks. In fact, it has made them drop so low on the table that there are fears of the club with 13 Premier League cups going on relegation. A situation the club must do their best to avoid.

A report claims that United plan to sign eight new players over the next two summer transfer windows as they prepare to launch a major overhaul of their squad. If this does happen, it will be the beginning of a permanent solution to United’s problems.

Get a new coach

Since Sir Alex Ferguson left in 2013, the Red Devils have not been able to find someone that can fit into his great shoes. It has been from one manager to other with all of them trying to settle in and take the club back to their days of glory. This has not been easy and the number of coaches who have tried after Ferguson are proof to that.

With the current situation of the club, the chances of the present manager, Ole Gunnar getting the boot before the end of the season is not unlikely. The club is struggling to catch up under him and the situation seems to be worst than it was under the other managers before him.


The post Sir Alex Ferguson landscape has given United fans a lot to talk about and there are no guarantee it will stop anytime soon. If they lose to Liverpool this weekend and other results go against them, it is very safe to say they might find themselves in the relegation zone, an alarming thought for the club and fans alike.

With their position on the table, a couple of losses from them and wins from the clubs beneath them will be the right stick to trigger their journey back to a lower division.


This is United’s worst start to a season for 30 years but it is easy to forget how bad they were back in 1989 in the darkest days of the Ferguson era – and he had two and a half years at the helm by that point.

Manchester United lost six of their last eight league games in the 1988/1989 campaign, mustering just one goal in five games in the April of that season and with that infamous winter of discontent still to come.

It might just be unfair to the present coach and the ones who were sacked before him to expect them to get along with the team immediately after taking over without even giving them the chance to test the waters but guess United needs its glory back and has to get it every way possible.


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