Chelsea are getting under winning ways since a roller coaster start in the Premier League. Chelsea played at Turf Moor and got their first away win with a clean sheet. Burnley on the other hand is yet to win a game this season. Chelsea came in a good form after the win in the midweek at the Champions League against FC Krasnodar. They won by four goals. Burnley lost against Tottenham Hotspurs last week by one goal. Chelsea is unbeaten in the last eight games in all competitions. This match was another test for their new goalkeeper, Edouard Mendy, and also for Frank Lampard. Lampard’s team won easily by three goals to zero. Here are the tactical analysis and the tactics of the match of the blues against the relegation-threatened team.


Premier League 2020/21- Burnley vs Chelsea - Tactical Analysis tactics


The home side started with a formation of 4-4-2. The manager has only made one change from their previous match against Spurs. Dale Stephens has come in the top 11 for Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson. Guðmundsson had a calf injury which is why he has been excluded from the squad. Ashley Barnes is yet to score a goal for Burnley in this campaign. 

Chelsea on the other side is looking like a really strong team. Their formation was 4-3-3. Thiago Silva is back from injury and is starting today. Edouard Mendy has been the favorite to be in the goal with four consecutive clean sheets in all competitions. The player to look at today would be Hakim Ziyech. He is starting for his new club for the first time in the Premier League. He got his Champions League debut in midweek and he was on the scoresheet also. The back four isn’t much of a change. César Azpilicueta is on the bench with Antonio Rüdiger. Ben Chilwell is starting his fourth Premier League game. N’Golo Kanté, Mason Mount, and Kai Havertz will be in the midfield. Jorginho is on the bench for this game. The front three is pretty strong. Tammy Abraham and Timo Werner will be joined with Ziyech. Lampard tactics should be the thing to look out for.

Chelsea Tactical Analysis

Chelsea comfortably won by three goals in Burnley. They had 14 shots in the game whereas Burnley had only five shots and in that five shots, not a single one was on target. They had 63% possession in the game which is quite good compared to what their opponent had. There was a total number of 682 passes throughout the game from which more than 550 were accurate. They had a 88% accuracy percentage of the passes. They had 205 duels in the game from which they won little over 50% of the duels. Silva was surprisingly the backbone of their defense. He also did some exquisite saves during the game. 

Premier League 2020/21- Burnley vs Chelsea - Tactical Analysis tactics

The above graph is the attacking range from the flanks. The clear analysis shows that Chelsea had the most attacks from the right-wing.

Chelsea use of full-backs

Reece James was an integral part of such stats and also for making chances from the right side. Chilwell and James were a constant player to be in the opponent’s half. Their primary position is fullbacks but they were in the attack for most of their game. Silva and Kurt Zouma were the main part of the defense.

Premier League 2020/21- Burnley vs Chelsea - Tactical Analysis tactics

Here is an example of the Chelsea attacking phase. Chilwell and James are on their side near the opponent’s half. They provide support for their forwards like Werner and Abraham. They combined had more than 140 passes throughout the game. Chilwell used to make the chance by giving exquisite passes in the space either in front of him or near him.

Premier League 2020/21- Burnley vs Chelsea - Tactical Analysis tactics

Here is an example of Chilwell’s role in front of the forwards. Mount is coming to his side and he sees him and gives him a clear ball which indeed was in the space and it made Chelsea exploit the place on the left side. Silva and Zouma on the other hand were at the defense. They were the last man standing near their goal with Mendy. Whenever the game starts and Chelsea has the possession, Silva and Zouma are near their goal whereas the fullbacks are near the half-line.

Premier League 2020/21- Burnley vs Chelsea - Tactical Analysis tactics

As you can see in the picture, Zouma and SIlva are the only ones behind and the fullbacks are near the half-line. They are having a transition of their phase from defense to attack. Silva and Zouma had more than 150 passes combined. 

Ziyech influence in Chelsea Attack

Ziyech was given the first start of the Premier League in this match. He was on the scoresheet and also gave an assist to Werner, He had 80% passing accuracy in the game and he was connecting very well with Chilwell and also with Havertz. Below is an example of the same.

Premier League 2020/21- Burnley vs Chelsea - Tactical Analysis tacticsPremier League 2020/21- Burnley vs Chelsea - Tactical Analysis tactics

Here you can see Ziyech has the ball on his right flank, He sees Chilwell and then gives him an exquisite pass to create a chance for the blues. He was helping in the making of the game. With Havertz also he was playing the ball to him when he gets in the space between the two players. The overall game was good. Their summer signings are getting along pretty well and they won by a cushion of three goals. Lampard needed this win to be in the top six of the Premier League.

Burnley Tactical analysis

Burnley faces yet another defeat at their home. Burnley was not at their level in this game. Their tactics and strategies couldn’t break the Chelsea defense. Their formation was 4-4-2. After the second half, their formation was 4-4-1-1. They preferred a lone striker and more people behind for the defense. Before half time, they had conceded a goal which was scored by Ziyech. They had 37% possession in the game which was very low. The number of duels was similar to Chelsea but their success percentage was less than them. They only had five shots in the game and none of them was on target. The passing was also not great. They had 334 passes in the whole game and in that only 277 were successful. They have conceded 12 goals this season and only scored three.

Burnley had a great chance at the start of the game. Ashley Barnes caught Zouma at the start of the game. He was given a lovely pass by Matthey Lowton. He missed the pass and Mendy had to come from the goal line. 

Premier League 2020/21- Burnley vs Chelsea - Tactical Analysis tactics

Here you can see the chance at the start of the game Zouma was caught and he was saved because Barnes shot the ball high in the air. Mendy’s clean sheet was still intact. Burnley’s attack was not from the right side at all. Their maximum number of attacks were from the center.

Burnley lack of attack down the wings

Premier League 2020/21- Burnley vs Chelsea - Tactical Analysis tactics

Here in the above image, you can see there were zero percent attacks from the right side. Most of them were from the center and some were from the left side Burnley had different tactics when they were attacking. Burnley had all their players in front except one. Instead of making the field wide, they were making it contested in the center. This was not a great tactic from the manager, they could get the ball in Chelsea’s penalty box also

Premier League 2020/21- Burnley vs Chelsea - Tactical Analysis tactics

Here you can see there are nine players on one side only. There is space on the right side but there are no Burnley players there. This shows the lack of strategy to exploit spaces and create chances from the wings. Chris Wood was playing the left-wing for Burnley. He had the least touches in the whole match, He only had 23 touches. The defensive record of Burnley is not pretty. However, they were able to get their players for defending at the right time.

Premier League 2020/21- Burnley vs Chelsea - Tactical Analysis tactics

Chelsea’s play is to make the ground as big as it can get. They use their fullbacks and also the midfielders. Burnley was well aware of it and they made sure they had one player to cover the wide space which prevented them to create a chance. They had four behind for defense. Even after doing this, Chelsea struck three times and Burnley couldn’t do anything about it. Burnley need to have a different perspective of the game which can start making them win few games to avoid relegation in the future


Chelsea is currently in the top 6 of the table while Burnley has to drop down to the 20th position in the league. Chelsea is getting back to the winning ways with all the summer signings getting along and scoring goals as well as defending their own goal. Ziyech, Werner, and Havertz would be constant in the upcoming games for Chelsea. Their attack is getting dangerous day by day. Burnley needs some serious changes in their gameplay and also they need to utilize the space on their wings which can create more chances. Burnley’s next game is an away game with Brighton & Hove Albion. Chelsea on the other hand has its midweek Champions League game coming against Rennes. They would want to continue their unbeaten streak in all competitions. They will also face Sheffield United at home in the upcoming weekend at Stamford bridge.