Mauricio Pochettino has been riding a wave of never-ending praise from football pundits and fans. His arrival to Tottenham Hotspurs certainly did not come with the expectations of achieving what he has gone on to achieve so far. There is no doubt, he has done a fantastic job. However, this consensus that Pochettino is up there with the best managers in the world is rather premature. It’s all well and good saying he’s great, but he has nothing to show for his efforts. And the Spurs boss is running out of time.

Do his achievements to date reflect the praise he receives?

Life before Pochettino saw Tottenham rarely make an impact on the top four. Regularly finishing in a Europa League place meant Spurs were unable to progress. Not only has Pochettino managed to break through the seemingly unbreakable barrier, but he has also managed to cement his side where the grass is greener. Consistent Champions League qualification has once again got Spurs battling it out with the big boys.

Getting into the Champions League is one thing, but Pochettino’s achievements have reached greater heights. A silver medal might not seem very desirable, however making it to a European final is something that will forever remain in the club’s history. Iconic victories against Manchester City and Ajax show how this Spurs team has drastically improved in the last four years.

It is not uncommon for Tottenham to find themselves with a superstar on their books. Bale, Modric and others have all made their names at White Hart Lane. Not only has Pochettino helped develop the likes of Harry Kane, Dele Ali and Eric Dier into sought-after talents, but he managed to keep them at the club. Never before would Spurs be able to keep their greatest players but deep relationships created by their current boss has proved to be the game-changer.

Why he was able to win nothing but still be great

Unlike the rest of the top half in the EPL, Tottenham have noticeably spent next to nothing (before this summer) on new acquisitions. And although it may seem as if he has enough at his disposal, the disadvantage he has compared to other Premier League managers is remarkable.

As well as this, Pochettino has had to deal with moving his players between three different stadiums. White Hart Lane, Wembley and the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium have all been the home of Pochettino’s side. The frequent movement to different home venues does seem like a struggle that could overcome a great team. Yet it didn’t. This Spurs side proved they are a strong unit with a focused leader.

Now he has no excuses

The challenges Mauricio Pochettino faced in previous seasons are no longer present. The club has shown faith in their leader and have provided him with enough cash to improve on his squad. The Spurs boss didn’t take long to splash the cash. The purchase of Lyon midfielder Tanguy Ndombele has cost the London side a pretty penny.

Not only can he bring in new players but him and his side and completely settled into their new home. Their new stadium is complete and ready for Spurs to start the new season.

There are no more disadvantages. He has enough money and talented players to bring home some silverware. Players don’t get much more loyal, so Pochettino must lead them to a trophy…for their sake. Surely, he has learned enough lessons in the EPL and UCL that would allow him to tweak his tactics in the latter stages of the major competitions. World-class is a term that gets thrown about very often, and this season will determine whether Pochettino is deserving of that status.


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