Football, by any measure, is one of the popular sports out there. Not only is it thrilling to play, but it’s also immersive and enthralling to watch.

No sport on earth excites as many people as much as football, and it has a great appeal that can pull in a lot of people of all ages. For some, the drama that can unfold in a ninety-minute match can rival that of a blockbuster movie, but it’s even better than that because it’s real.

But it’s not just the drama and the thrill that pulls people into the world of football. It’s also the community. It’s common knowledge that if you and someone you get along with support the same team in a top tier sport such as football, the chances are that two of you are going to have a lifelong friendship. Football builds bonds that are impossible to make through anything else.

It’s unexplainable, but it is quite obvious it has something to do with the ties it has to the greatest sport on earth. These friendships need to be celebrated, and this list of things to do with your football friends this weekend should help you do just that.

#1 Stream football games online to watch them with your friends and your family.

Streaming football games can be great fun, especially if you’re sat with your friends and getting into the spirit of the game together. There is nothing more exciting than live football online to make your afternoon one to remember, especially if your favourite team is playing (or a local rival you’d like to see on the ned of a heavy defeat)

#2 Make some snacks in preparation for the big game.

If there is a big game coming up, make some snacks. In fact, make plenty of snacks. Watching football can make you hungry, and if things aren’t going to plan for your team, a lot of nervous eating is going to happen. It’s not just the snacks that are going to take a hammering. It is also a good idea to make sure you have enough liquid refreshment of all types to keep them going if it’s a cup game and it goes to extra time or even penalties when it’s going to get even more tense.

#3 Binge-watch highlights of your teams’ glory days

Your team won’t be playing every week, which might not make you happy, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s not just Netflix you can binge-watch, and the vast number of highlights from weeks or even seasons gone by can fill the long gaps between match days.

If your team has been going through a rough patch in recent seasons, you can always replay games from the glory days, that big promotion season, or an odds-defying cup run. Not to mention the fact you can have a good laugh at the haircuts, shorts, or away kits from years gone by.