Manchester United are under a lot of heat at the moment. Their current spot on the Premier League table  has made them the center of all football banters.

It’s safe to say Manchester United fans are going through a lot right now so you can just give any fan of the club you know a hug. They need it for the coming weeks especially as reports making the round says there are major injuries in the Red Devils’ camp.

Injuries are not new in football and can be seen as work hazard but as it is, Manchester United have been struggling to keep everything together this season. The injuries have left voids in the squad and with the recent ones, who knows how much lower the club can fall.

The effect on Manchester United

It has already shown itself in the present state the Red Devils are in. Being 12th on the Premier League table with 15 points behind Liverpool who lead the pile tells how much effect the injuries have affected the club.

Being so far down on the league table should however be a wake up call for the club as future matches will determine whether relegation would be knocking on the door or not.

It is not only disappointing but embarrassing to see the glorious Manchester United two points away from Everton, three points away from Norwich City and six points away from Watford, all clubs already sitting on the red mark of relegation.

What this means for the Red Devils is that a couple of slips than they already have might see them struggling to get a space in the Premier League next season and drop a division down striking them out of the elite group of six to have played every Premier League season since its founding in 1992, alongside Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool and Tottenham.

The players out against Liverpool

The Red Devils coach confirmed in a report that David de Gea, Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard won’t play on Sunday against Liverpool.

Pogba has been battling a broken foot while De Gea limped off for Spain midweek, meaning arguably United’s two players will miss out.

If this indeed is true then the Red Devil might be having a huge problem on their hands considering the alternatives they’ll have to stick with.

Bringing in new players in January might help the club tackle its problem and even though that might not be a feasible solution to this pressing problem at the moment,it  might be the best thing to do to prevent a re-occurrence in the nearest future.

Ole Gunnar and the club management might want to start scouting potential signings now to make things easy for them.


As it stands, Manchester United only needs to bank on hope and some of the injured players being fit enough to play on Sunday against Liverpool. It won’t be an easy match even with the complete Manchester United squad but with an incomplete squad, we might be looking at a humiliating result for the Red Devils.

Should that happen, the fans can expect to perhaps see the team in the relegation zone and it continues yet the same banter all week long.


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