For Manchester United’s ship to keep sailing, an immediate solution and a permanent one must be used to tackle the injury problems in the squad and there is no better way to do that than to go shopping when the transfer window resumes in January.

Looking at the current Manchester United squad and how much the team has struggled lately, one can simply see the team is troubled and needs fresh minds or legs in this situation to help it regain its old glory or fans might see their famous chant ‘Glory Glory Manchester United’ fade with time.

As it is stands, fans can barely say that slogan out loud without rival fans telling them to take several seats back. In recent days, Manchester United have been the butt of all football jokes, rival fans not missing out on any chance to drag the club into any football banter.

This is well deserved considering the poor performance from the club so far. If being 12th on the Premier League table is not enough to make the players, coach and team management sit tight and go back to the drawing board then what else could?

There has been reports about Ed Woodward losing patience about the club’s poor form and it might not be much longer before Ole Gunnar starts getting the pressure as others before him got. He might even lose his job if care is not taken.

The Red Devils have played eight matches in the Premier League this season and have only won two matches, lost three, scored nine goals and conceded eight goals with an average of 1.00 goals conceded per match. They also have a total of 49 fouls, getting booked with 19 yellow cards. (Premier League Stats)

Based on the statistics available for the team so far this season (8 matches are enough data to analyze a team), the Manchester United team is struggling to stay afloat.

What Manchester United need

The current Manchester United squad isn’t good enough and as it stands, Ole Gunnar seems to have noticed. Even though he can’t do anything about it right now, he can only hope to hang on a little longer till the transfer window resumes so he can bring in reinforcements.

Ole Gunnar should look at bringing in two players, most importantly, a central midfielder and a forward. The CM should be one that can read the game and has good decision making skills. What Ole should be looking out for is a player who can decide the pace of a game and be the driving force of a team. Leicester’s James Maddison would easily fit that bill. However, the Foxes might not want to release the player mid-way through the season and his reputation already means he wont come cheap for United as well.

Recommended signings

Mario Mandzukic has been linked with United in the past weeks but there is a report as per the Express claiming that the Croatian has already reached a verbal agreement with the Manchester United camp to join the Red Devils in January.

If this becomes official with the Croatian’s signature on paper, it would be a great news for Manchester United seeing as his fine goal scoring record would represent an upgrade on Marcus Rashford in the No 9 role.

One other player that would be a great addition to the United squad is Emre Can. He would represent an improvement in the current midfield.

Paul Pogba has toiled this season due to injury but those who have replaced him, simply put, haven’t taken their chance to shine but Emre Can will be best suited to fit the role.


Tough times don’t last forever and this might be the case for Manchester United if they bring in new signings in January. Presently, the team suffers from lack of depth and new players could help adjust the team’s game play.

Considering the immediate need and how much the club’s development will determine Ole’s future at the club, the manager will make sure to consider his options carefully before making the final decision on who to bring in.


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