Everyone is aware that this summer’s transfer window could decide the fate of Manchester United’s upcoming season. A very bleak squad is in desperate need of being revitalised. A giant club, you would expect their list of transfer targets to be full of big names. However, a beyond underwhelming summer transfer window has seen the Red Devils successfully acquire some mediocre talent as well as fail to sign players of the same quality.

Quite frankly, this summer the great Man Utd have had the mick taken out of them. Showing interest in a hefty number of young players has allowed other clubs to take full advantage of Man Utd’s spending abilities. As a custom, United preferred to target promising players within the Premier League. Oddly enough it is looking like United’s early dealings have made any more purchases far more complex. Fans knew coming into the season that their famous side needed to bolster in defence as well as add some attacking threat into their midfield.

Manchester United have been known to seek out homegrown English talent. This window tells the same story. Leicester’s Harry Maguire has piqued Man Utd’s interest ever since his performances at the World Cup. He is not the only young defender that was on United’s wishlist. Aaron Wan-Bissaka has completed his move to Old Trafford after his breakout year at Crystal Palace. However, this transfer window hasn’t just got fans worrying about a lack of new acquisitions, but also the possibility of their most valuable assets departing.

Since his return, Paul Pogba has been bombarded with questions about when he will leave the club again. And for the first time, he has decided to give an eye-opening response. This summer the Frenchman has openly stated that he is ready for a new challenge somewhere else. The usual suspects, Juventus and Real Madrid, have expressed their interest in purchasing the World Cup winner. Selling players is unpreventable but they manner in how they may be forced into it is what’s really embarrassing. Pogba’s comments must be taken seriously. They should take the hint…superstars don’t want to play for United.

Romelu Lukaku, a player Man Utd broke the bank to get, is frequently surrounded with speculative moves to the Serie A. Inter Milan have made multiple offers below that which United paid for him. It seemed a deal between Inter and Lukaku had been agreed, however, with recent discussions with Juventus, it is looking like the Belgian may find himself with a move to Turin. In either circumstance, United’s star forward clearly has no intention of staying at the club.

It appears Man Utd’s recent transfer windows have slowly gotten worse and worse. It may have all started with them breaking the record transfer fee for a player they let go for free. The decision to re-sign Paul Pogba wasn’t necessarily a bad one but it showed that they don’t have control of their spending whatsoever.

Nonetheless, it does not compare with the foolishness that United have engaged in so far this window. Wan-Bissaka was the first and only major purchase United have made since the window opened. The young full-back certainly did impress last season. Does that explain the £50million price tag? Obviously, full-backs are more important than they have ever been but this still doesn’t explain it. What makes matters worse is that they acquired the young defender so early in the transfer window. This massive purchase let everyone know that if they sell to United then they may get a few extra bucks.

Leicester City did just that. Knowing they can squeeze every bit of cash out of the Red Devils, they have made it clear they want a record fee for Harry Maguire. What is more ridiculous is that United are playing along with this insane valuation. It is likely that this deal will get over the line as United are prepared to offer £80million. Whether Maguire goes or not, Leicester are definitely having a laugh right now.


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