It’s no doubt that the turbulent season Manchester City is having currently is due to the large void injuries have left in Guardiola’s squad. With two of the club’s central defenders (John Stones and Aymeric Laporte) out due to injuries, one can only imagine how they are coping.

With this situation, Pep Guardiola has had to come up with make-shifts to cover up the lapses but so far, it has only made the club’s defense look like a circus of clowns.

Maybe making a midfielder (Fernandinho) play in defense is not so much of a good idea, rather having Nicholas Otamendi play alongside him is the problem. All we know is that Guardiola won’t be having this problem if he was dealing with a natural defender instead of a converted one who is still trying to adjust.

The team is lagging behind by a far margin and the injury situation has seen them eight points behind Liverpool who is top of the Premier League table. This won’t have been much of an issue if Manchester City weren’t the defending champions.

This time around, things are not looking good for Manchester City as their squad has been plagued with injuries, from defense, midfield up to their frontline.

How injuries have affected Manchester City

A report by Catapult Sports published for wages review of last season shows that Manchester City paid out £23 million in fixed wages to injured players during their title-winning 2018/19 season, more than any other Premier League club. This is a lot for players who have not been playing much and the same situation seems to have started to play itself out this season again with several of their key players nursing injuries.

Defeat by Wolves last time out saw City slip eight points behind Premier League leaders Liverpool after eight games and this is not good for their campaign. In fact, they need to quickly close the gap if they intend to defend the title again this season but that might be hard due to the squad they currently play with.

Will Manchester City sign a defender in January?

The rumor mill has been running on the club signing a couple of players when the transfer window resumes in January. One of those linked with City is Benfica’s defender, Ruben Dias.

The post-truth world of social media has made claims that Manchester City is likely to spend over £100million to bring in a centre back in the January transfer window but there are no basis to these claims.

Let’s not forget that we now live in a world of financial fair play and Manchester City have been sticking to a transfer policy which forbids them from paying over their valuation of players.

Also remember how Manchester City had walked away from their only centre back target in the summer because Leicester wanted £15million more than the £70million City were prepared to pay?

As much as it seems that Manchester City are in dire need of a defender, the easy way out of throwing money at their problems is no longer an easy route to go by.


The question is whether the condition is now so critical for Manchester City to actually break the bank to bring in a defender and the answer might be no at the moment.

The City squad might not be strong enough as the one from last season but paying ridiculously for a defender doesn’t seem like something they would do regardless of the need they have to strengthen their backline.

What they might do is go for another defender whose fees won’t tear their pocket. Moreso, as a back up option. Seeing how John Stones might be back on the field before their next fixture.


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