For the past five years, Kevin De Bruyne has put his mark on English football with his individual brilliance and his shared success with Manchester City. As he and his club look to add to their domestic treble from last season, KDB’s trophy cabinet is very likely to grow bigger.

His career at Man City has been legendary. And his superb talent has possibly been the greatest asset of Pep Guardiola’s current City team.

“Kevin is one of the best players I have ever seen in my life” – Pep Guardiola

It is hard to believe that someone who is now regarded as one of the best players in the world wasn’t on anyone’s radar in 2014. Before moving to Manchester, Kevin De Bruyne played for a handful of different clubs but was unable to hit his stride.

After impressing in the Belgian League, KDB found himself moving to London and signing for Chelsea. An extremely slow start to his career in England saw the Belgian youngster make only three appearances before he realised that it was not going to work for him. Knowing that England was where he wanted to play, De Bruyne decided to go out on loan instead of moving away from Chelsea on a permanent basis.

With a desire to impress his parent club, he took off to Germany. His year in the Bundesliga with Werder Bremen stunned the German audience, and big names such as Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund were eager to pull KDB away from Chelsea. Even though Kevin De Bruyne clearly took the German league by storm, his performances weren’t enough for Chelsea to feel the need to give him more game time.

The young and confident midfielder knew that Chelsea was not right for him. And so he got himself a permanent move to the Bundesliga. Not to sign a contract with Bayern or Dortmund, but instead with Wolfsburg- Kevin De Bruyne felt guaranteed playing time is what he needed most.

Manchester City kept their eyes on the former Chelsea man and watched him week-in and week-out as he controlled practically every game he played in. Even the experienced midfield of Bayern Munich was no match for De Bruyne’s ability with a football.

And with the belief he could make it in England, De Bruyne returned to the Premier League with Manchester City for a fee of £55million. This large cost to bring the youngster to England had many pundits and fans questioning whether KDB was actually worth the money.

“60 million for De Bruyne is ridiculous” – Robbie Savage

Although he had his critics, he had faith in his own ability. And although it was the same league, it was not the same De Bruyne. The Belgian hit the ground running and straight away the English media knew that they had underestimated him.

Everything started to unfold perfectly for De Bruyne, and things only got better when Pep arrived. Pep Guardiola planned to build his side around Kevin De Bruyne with fast wingers getting on the end of through balls and crosses from KDB.

His dream had become reality he had made it in England and then some. He was getting compared to Scholes, Giggs and Beckham when Sky sports pundits were debating who the greatest ever passer in the Premier League was. He was not only becoming one of the greatest passers in English football history, but he also became one of the best players in one of the greatest sides in English football history.

Last season Manchester City completed a domestic treble, forever writing themselves into the history books. And because of the success the club has had during De Bruyne’s time, he will forever be a Man City legend.

There is no doubt that De Bruyne is one of the best players in the world right now. On the one hand, you can think it is amazing and a blessing to see him play. On the other, you must consider that because it took him so long to find a good rhythm, he will simply not have enough time to achieve what some others did.

He will always be remembered as a great player but unfortunately, he is unlikely to build a trophy cabinet that can be compared with greats. As well as this, he hasn’t engraved his name into the history of any big European giants.

A move to Real Madrid, Barcelona or Juventus would do the Belgian a world of good. But if he is comfortable…he’s comfortable. It is not impossible to leave a mark on the whole of European football by playing for Manchester City… it is just much harder.


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