This summer Jonjoe Kenny became one of the recent examples of a young English player moving to Germany on loan looking to kick start their career. Kenny’s situation is slightly different, in that he has made appearances for Everton, and that now at the age of 22 is entering a point in his career where he has to perform. Since his move to Schalke, Kenny has performed consistently well for the Gelsenkirchen-based side, playing every game in the Bundesliga and impressing David Wagner and I’ve no doubt Everton’s staff. In this tactical analysis, we will look at how Kenny is performing at Schalke, how his strengths fit into their tactics and assess his future career prospects.

Progressive passing

The main taking point of this analysis of Kenny is his ability to play line-breaking passes from full-back, something which has been backed up by statistics from the Bundesliga. Kenny has completed the 5th most progressive passes in the league so far this season, and below we can see some examples of these passes within Schalke’s system.

A key feature of Kenny’s game is his reluctance to play straight passes down the line, which are often difficult to control for the receiver as they often have to be received with their back to goal, therefore leaving less passing options available.

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