One of the most interesting transfers which happened during this year. This transfer was not expected by anyone it was a rumour but this time it happened. Gareth Bale, one of the most famous players of Real Madrid which was the most expensive transfer in 2013 is going back to his former club Tottenham Hotspur for a year on loan. He is 31 years old and he had lots of ups and downs in his Real Madrid career but he ended up winning four Champions League for seven years in Real Madrid. 

Jose Mourinho and Bale’s connection would be really interesting to see and the premier league. From scoring a beautiful goal against Barcelona in Copa del Rey finals in 2014 to scoring a bicycle kick in the champions league final against Liverpool in 2018, he is been a top player in the football era. Here are some tactical analysis as a scout report of Bale and how will he fit in Tottenham.

Player Overview

To begin with, Bale is a man of pace. In 2017 he recorded the maximum speed, which was 39.6 Km/hr. He has scored 106 goals for Real Madrid across all competitions and gave 68 assists in his seven years of Real Madrid. He played 251 matches for Real Madrid. His average rating was 6.93. He played as a winger and he has a lot of speed so he was helpful for the Real Madrid attacks through the wings. He also has a good physique that’s why it becomes hard for the defenders to stop him. His left foot makes the opponent confusing to what he will do next as he is so fast.

Attacking Phase

Bale is the perfect player for a counter-attack and a pace game. Real Madrid has a counter-attacking game and during Bale time Ronaldo was also there so they had a pretty Counter attack game. While working on the analysis of Bale’s attacking technique, it looks appropriate to say, he takes a deep run making the field wide for Real Madrid to attack from the wings. Bale, Karim Benzema, and Ronaldo were the front three of Real Madrid. It was one of the trios which were as deadly as Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Neymar.

Gareth Bale 2020/21 - Scout Report Tactics

Bale was a vital player for the attack. He is on the right-wing and because of his pace, he is one of the players to put the cross in the center for Ronaldo and Benzema. He is also a player who does a lot of skills to confuse the opponents. He is a good dribbler. He gets past the defenders in a very calm way.

Gareth Bale 2020/21 - Scout Report TacticsHe has a great height so he is also a great aerial ball receiver. The above picture shows Bale has the strength and the agility to jump and head the ball into the goal this shows his agility to score a goal as well as to receive aerial balls.

Passing Phase

Gareth Bale 2020/21 - Scout Report Tactics


Bale passing accuracy was approximately 77% which a decent number. He has good ball control and he often used to do one-touch passing. Being a winger his passes were most of the time ariel and also inside the box. During counter-attack, if he is in the defense he gives a back pass and then sprints towards the opponent’s box. Another way was to take the ball from the center and sprint with the ball towards the wing and provide a pass in the box in the above picture, he has the ball and three defenders on him. He makes the space for himself while the team players are creating space near him so that he can pass them easily. The Welshman has a percentage of more than 50% successful dribbles during his time in La Liga.

Tottenham Transfer

It would be really interesting how Jose Mourinho uses Bale in his team. Mourinho has been the special one who has some of the tactics of his own. Mourinho attacking tactics as well the special park the bus during defense is well known, He is a coach to a long-range attack from defense to forward and he also has a good strategy for counter-attacks. The general lineup would be 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3. Mourinho prefers a compact defensive unit over a high-pressing one that tries to win the ball higher up the pitch which is called park the bus. The opponent couldn’t get past the defense so they get pressured and then they do mistakes which Mourinho team takes advantage of.

Gareth Bale 2020/21 - Scout Report Tactics

Here is one of the formations other than the one was mentioned above. This is 2-4-3-1. Mourinho prefers a lone striker and three behind him to support. The fullbacks are also key players for his attacking phase. Mourinho tactics are really interesting. He would have less possession in the whole game but in the end, his team would end up winning. They have the profiles required to execute this strategy; in defense, Eric Dier and Toby Alderweireld are competent ball-playing defenders, with the latter possessing an excellent passing range to exploit space behind the opposing defense. After the ball has been progressed from the deep central areas to the wings, opportunities for quick one-twos can arise between the right-winger and fullback, although this can be easily contained through intense pressing and preventing transitions between defense and attack, limiting time and space for midfielders.

Preferable Lineup 

The front three of Tottenham would be Harry Kane in the center, Son Heung-min on the left-wing, and Bale on the right-wing. This would give a pretty good boost to the attack of the Spurs. Mourinho who likes to have a lone striker will also benefit from the pace of both the wingers and with Bale in the addition will help

Gareth Bale 2020/21 - Scout Report Tactics

With those three adopting attacking roles, it would allow Spurs and Mourinho to make the most out of the wing-backs. Bale can cut in and deliver the curling strikes he was fondly remembered for at White Hart Lane, while he can also come narrow to combine with Heung-Min Son and Harry Kane if Matt Doherty gets forward. The Welshman would be really good in the wings with returning to his former club to playing for Mourinho. The front three can be the next deadly attacking combination.


It will be really exciting to see Bale playing for his former club. Tottenham would need to get some attacking boost. Bale would not be seen in the premier league before 4 weeks as he has some injury. Bale is a perfect person for Tottenham. Bale would be given fair chance for the Spurs and after seeing the problems in his former club he would be keen to make his mark for the loan period. It also depends on how Mourinho makes him play in the top 11. The Welshman is gonna be a good part of the combination of the special one.