Betting, especially on the Premier League and football as a whole, has been incredibly popular for many and it is a market that continues to get bigger with each year that passes.

Indeed, 2020 may have been one of the best years for the industry despite everything that has been going on in the wider world.

According to a report, the return of live football in the UK helped to bring some happier times to the industry as data provided by operators showed a Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) increase of 115 per cent for online real event betting between May and June (rising to £217.5m), with GGY higher during June than at ‘average’ pre-lockdown levels. In fact, it would not be hard to make a similar prediction of casino trends 2020, either.

Naturally, with the current positive trend that is being displayed with the activity related to the sport, it would not be a surprise if it were to only grow even further as it becomes even more accessible to bettors with technological advances each year.

Sports betting already holds around 25% of the market share within the overall betting industry, accounting for around $74.39 billion in gross profits in the United States already, and there is every chance that will continue to increase despite the Covid-19 influence of Las Vegas and casino 2020.

There are a number of reasons as to why football can continue to become one of the most attractive betting options amongst punters and help to continue its astronomical rise within the industry.

Convenience is perhaps one of the biggest factors as to why there has been a huge increase over the last few years. Bookmakers have made a number of simple applications and online options to allow for players to easily place bets on any upcoming football match with minimal fuss, and perhaps more importantly, from anywhere they desire.

As football matches are played across the world on almost every single day available, there is an excellent opportunity for someone to make the most of the action. Indeed, the same could be said for a fan of anything, such as gamers with particular music tastes, as they can find the best slots for heavy metal fans in 2020.

The increase in live streaming of sporting events has also only further increased the interest in 2020 in regards to football matches. Many bookmakers will be able to stream certain fixtures that allow punters to watch the action whilst deciding what type of bets to place, therefore providing them with an instant chance of working out what the best bet to place could be and an opportunity to watch it happen in front of their eyes.

The ability to live stream events such as football matches has also created an online community amongst many as well, which may have only further added to the appeal of placing a bet on the action. Punters are able to discuss things with each other as they watch the game and provide each other with tips that could potentially turn out as winners.