England World Cup Performance: Betting Review

The English Team performed well in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The Three Lions would only be eliminated against Runners Up France in a very tough quarter-finals battle.

Before that tough game where both teams had almost the same odds to win, both in the 1×2 betting market and the Asian Handicap Betting Market, England performed quite well as a ‘dog’ against Underdogs of the Group Stage and the Eight Finals.

Let’s have a look at the odds paid for the victories of England and where they were losers in the gambling markets.

England Betting Performance: 2022 World Cup

During the Group Stage, The English Team was always a favourite. In fact, considering both the Group Stage and the Eight Finals, the Three Lions always had odds under 2.0 in the decimal system at the 1×2 betting market.

This means the market always expected them to have more than a 50% of chance to win their games.

The victory against Iran paid just 1.38 in the 1×2 market because they were more than expected to win, and the Asian Handicap line was big. England -1.5 @2.20 was the average line for the debut of England.

I honestly dislike big handicap bets, with very few exceptions. Big teams often win at 1×2 and lose at handicaps.

In my opinion, the debut in the World Cup is always a tense game, and backing big teams before peaking into the first developments of the game in the in-running market isn’t interesting to me.

However, England thrashed Iran and the FT result was 6-2, meaning that crazy handicaps in the recreational markets would have paid big odds. Of course, there isn’t that much liquidity there, but those bold enough to bet on England -3.5 @ 9.46 on average received great profits.

The game also paid immense odds in the over/under market. A 6-2 result means the match result produce 8 goals, so Over 7.5 bets would have been winners! However, this line was mostly available during the game in the live betting markets.

The only pre-match odds I found with huge handicaps that were ‘covered’ by the FT result was Over 6.5 with odds of 38.0 on average, ranging between 34.0 to 41.0 at 4 different bookies, some of those very reputable.

In the 2nd, 3rd and 4th games, the odds for the victory of England were still below 2.0.

When they dropped points against The USA, the odds for their victory were 1.48 on average. At the final group stage victory against Wales, the odds were 1.43 for the English triumph.

They didn’t change much in the Round of 16 when England had odds of 1.61 on average to beat Senegal.

In the games against Senegal and Wales, The Three Lions would have beaten a -2.5 handicap!

However, France was the end of the line in Qatar for this talented English generation. By no means England was a disappointment in the betting markets, which reflects well their sports performance in Qatar 2022.