1×2 Saturday February 18th Betting Review

Now at 5:06 pm of Saturday UK time, only Everton has won their game out of the 7 hosts of the day (before the Newcastle game against Liverpool later today).

The lowest odds paid so far for a visitors victory was Arsenal @1.93, and Manchester City failed to deliver a 1×2 victory at odds of 1.42, the most expected victory of the away team of this Saturday and of the 24th round of the Premier League did not happen.

The incredible victory of Southampton on the road paid odds of 9.60 on average. This result was so likely that the Asian Handicap lines stabilized around Chelsea -1.25 @2.0.

The victories of Bournemouth and Fulham also paid odds of 5+ and 6+ on average.

Manchester City also failed to win in the Asian Handicap, by a big margin. I rarely like big handicaps, and while they dominated the first half, the -1.75 Asian Handicap line seemed an exaggeration throughout the game.

Even if the mid-table hosts Nottingham Forest had lost by one game the +1.75 AH line would have delivered a 100% profit on average.

Even if Liverpool wins on the road at odds of 2.98 after a drop in the odds of the hosts, Saturday would still have been a surprising and unbalanced day in terms of results of the hosts and visitors, which is a betting market in itself, a special one for recreational gamblers at big retail bookies.

Chelsea and Azpilicueta

Things are definitely not going well for Chelsea right now, not only they lost a game that had incredible chances missed to score, the sad images of Azpilicueta leaving the game to the ambulance seemed to be the most depressing moment of a pretty dark season so far.

Beyond football and bets, we hope that the private citizen and family man and not the footballer recover as soon as possible.

I honestly tried to avoid this but I believe the attempted volley that generated the injury was absolutely reckless. Any player that wants to try such a high kick on the ball must have great awareness in terms of space and who’s around. The images of this sad moment must serve as a warning to young players and kids that kicks in the head are no joke and football can be dangerous if you are wreckless.

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