On the final day of last season, Manchester City won the Premier League by one point over Liverpool. But what have the oddsmakers predicted for each contender so far this season?!

Time to find that out!

You see two clubs have split the last five Premier League championships.

Manchester City, which is attempting to become just the second team in Premier League history to win three consecutive championships, has claimed the majority of those (four).

This accomplishment, which has eluded Pep Guardiola’s team on two occasions, was accomplished by Manchester United under the legendary leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Liverpool, who were expected to be City’s biggest threat once again, pushed them to the limit last season, but this time around the story has been different!

At the time of writing (5th January) Klopp and his men find themselves 6th on the table!

While Man City continue to challenge for the title as they are 2nd on the table!

Elsewhere Chelsea will want to reclaim their honour as they look to snap a six-year Premier League losing streak. Last time out, they finished best of the rest, but the gap to second-placed Liverpool was a massive 18 points.

The final team in the Champions League standings last season was a revitalised Tottenham, who last topped the standings in 1961.

But half way through this season, they yet again find themselves fighting for the Champions League places with Manchester United and others!

But those are the usual faces. the biggest story perhaps of this season has been that of Arsenal and Newcastle!

We mentioned before that Man City are 2nd on the table that is because Arsenal is first with an 8-point lead as of 5th of January!

Arteta is doing wonders for his former club!

The second biggest story has been that of Newcastle who find themselves 3rd on the table!

Newcastle who have been lucky enough to receive investment from the Middle East have made full use of it under Eddie Howe!

So in short, Man City have been at their standard best, Liverpool have faulted, Arsenal and Newcastle have been the surprises… whereas the rest of the top 6 continues to fight for the Champions League spots!

So how has all of this affected the betting odds?

Let’s find out!

Outright Premier League odds

Despite being 8 points behind leaders Arsenal, it is still Manchester City who are the market favourites to win the Premier League @ 1.64!

You see Man City have proved time and time again that they have the ability to chase teams down and win Premier Leagues on final days!

They have been champions in 4 of the last 5 Premier League seasons!

Yes, they are behind Arsenal, but I hope you understand why Man City are the market favourites!

They are that good, and perhaps the safest bet one can make!

The 2nd favourite to win the Premier League are of course, Arsenal @ 2.57!

Arsenal has been dominant this season and they led the Premier League table heading into the New Year, which contrasts sharply with their unlucky start to the previous season, when they dropped their first three games.

The Gunners do appear to be legitimate title contenders, Kudos to Mikel Arteta and new recruitments like Zinchenko and Gabriel Jesus!

Manchester United is slowly but steadily increasing the odds, which no one would have predicted after their season-opening performance. Erik ten Hag’s Premier League debut was a complete disaster as he was defeated by Brighton and Brentford in each of his first two games.

However, following those two losses, Manchester United won 11 of their next 15 games, closing the gap on Arsenal to just nine points!

They are the 3rd favourites to win the Premier League with market odds @ 24.33.

Newcastle who currently find themselves 3rd on the table are the 4th favourite to win the league with odds @ 41.00!

Perhaps no one would have predicted that at the start of the season! Which just goes on to show how impressive Eddie Howe and his men have been.

Perhaps no one could have also predicted this downfall of Liverpool too!

Liverpool had won two straight matches against Tottenham and Southampton when the World Cup break began, despite having a fairly patchy record. They then defeated Aston Villa and Leicester to reach four straight league victories, but Brentford destroyed them to end that streak.

The point is, Liverpool have been massively inconsistent throughout the season, and as a result, they are 6th on the table!

Their odds of winning the Premier League stands @ 66.00!

Following Liverpool are the two London clubs of Tottenham and Chelsea.

Both have long odds!

Tottenham to win it stands @ 176.00, while Chelsea to win the Premier League stands @ 326.00!

You see anyone can win the Premier League, but realistically speaking, the title will come down to Arsenal and Manchester City!