Borussia Dortmund v Chelsea – Betting Preview

Match Analysis

Borussia Dortmund is living a great winning streak in the last games. The team is now 3rd in the Bundesliga after the departure of Haaland at the beginning of the season and is surprisingly below Union Berlin, that is just one point below leaders FC Bayern that won against PSG on the road yesterday.

Chelsea is a very interesting case. The Blues have spent a lot of money in the winter transfer window, and it’s fair to say the last two games showed some interesting and promising scenes as Mudryk and Enzo Fernandez started to work together. The Argentine midfielder working close to the Ukrainian left winger yielded impressive developments and it’s fair to say these players, that had a cost of almost €200m in the winter window may help Chelsea very soon.

But the big spending is actually quite recent, and The Blues still have a big challenge to climb up the table of The Premier League to keep playing at the top European level, otherwise, unless they win the Champions League, they’ll be condemned to a lesser prestigious European level or even zero international action in 2023/24.

Betting Preview

The hosts have a better recent form while the visitors are still adjusting to the many new arrivals.

Team chemistry will certainly be a positive note for Dortmund in contrast with the problems of Chelsea in that sense.

However, even if Chelsea failed to beat both Fulham and West Ham, two teams that aren’t exactly the best in the Premier League, there were positive notes and both Enzo Fernandez and Mudryk called my attention with impressive moments.

The Ukrainian has both the best skills expected of a keen winger and a creative attacking midfielder. His skills to make precise progressive passes and attempts to make assists alongside with speed, bravery and dribbling skills surely make an impressive skill set.

In the betting markets, prices adjust after certain positive things (or negative) ‘blossom’ eventually and the art involved in profiting involves spotting these opportunities.

Perhaps very specific odds like Mudryk to score or Enzo to make an assist could be quite valuable as they are yet to show their full potential to the betting community.

Let’s check the situation in the Asian Handicap markets.

I certainly expected bigger handicaps than Borussia Dortmund -0.25 @2.11 on average as we have at this moment.

The market seems to see the potential of Chelsea which is about correct, but ultimately I suggest following this game live for more accurate bets.

In the over/under markets, I don’t see anything special in the pretty average over/under 2.5 lines around 1.97.