How to Bet on the Premier League?

The Premier League is one of the most exciting football leagues in the world, with fans and bettors eagerly anticipating each matchday. Betting on the Premier League can be both thrilling and profitable, as long as you know the right markets to wager on.

Here is a guide on how to bet on the Premier League.

1X2 Result Market

The 1X2 Result Market is the most common and straightforward way to bet on the Premier League. It involves predicting which team will win, or whether the game will end in a draw. The 1X2 market can provide good odds, especially for underdogs, but it is also the most challenging market to predict accurately.

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Over/Under Goals Market

The Over/Under Goals Market involves betting on the number of goals that will be scored in a match. The sportsbook will set a line for the total number of goals, and the bettor can choose whether they think the actual number of goals will be over or under that line. This market can be more predictable than the 1X2 market, as it focuses on the number of goals rather than the outcome of the match.

Exact Score of Each Game

The Exact Score of Each Game market is a high-risk, high-reward market, as it involves predicting the exact scoreline of a match. The odds for this market can be very high, especially for less predictable matches, but it is also one of the most challenging markets to get right.

In-Running Market: Live Bets

The In-Running Market, also known as live betting, allows bettors to place bets on matches that are already in progress. This market provides an opportunity to adjust your strategy based on how the game is unfolding, and can be a good option for those who enjoy a more interactive betting experience.

Outrights Market: Who Will Win the EPL?

The Outrights Market involves betting on the overall winner of the Premier League. Bettors can place bets before the season starts, and throughout the season as odds change based on team performance. This market can provide a long-term betting experience, with the possibility of significant payouts if the bettor picks the right team to win.


Betting on the Premier League can be both exciting and profitable, but it is important to know the right markets to bet on. The 1X2 Result Market, Over/Under Goals Market, Exact Score of Each Game, In-Running Market, and Outrights Market are all popular options for Premier League betting. As always, it is essential to do your research and analysis before placing any bets, and to only bet within your means.