First, let’s talk about what “favorite” means in sports betting. When a team is the favorite, it means that they are considered more likely to win by the players. Oddsmakers also consider them more likely to win. In this article, we will talk about what a favorite is in more detail and a few related topics. If this topic interests you, keep reading.

What Does “Favorite” Mean in Sports Betting

When people think of the term favorite, the opposite of the term “underdog” should come to mind. These two terms can be seen as opposites. To explain further, a team is a favorite if it has a high probability of winning when looking at its odds. If the players on the team are strong players or if the team is at home, they are more likely to be the favorite. In every match, one team will always be the favorite and the other the underdog based on the odds. But different factors can change a team’s favorite status. These can be injuries to players on the team. You can find the odds of these teams at the best sportsbooks.

How Can I Understand if a Team Is “Favorite”

This is actually quite easy to understand. When you look at the names of the teams, you will see “+” or “-” signs in front of them. The team that is considered more difficult to win, i.e. the team that is weaker compared to the other team, will have a “+” sign in front of it. The stronger team, the so-called favorite, will have a “-” sign in front of it. This way you can differentiate them and decide which teams to bet on.

Is It Reasonable to Bet on Favorites

It would not be so simple to give a definitive answer to this. This can vary. Betting on a favorite team that the oddsmaker has ranked lower might make sense. Or if you are betting on a favorite team on the moneyline, your chances of winning will be greater than your chances of losing. But that doesn’t mean that you will make a profit in the long run. We can’t give you a definite solution because betting on favorites is a very case-by-case thing. That’s why you need to analyze the matches and teams well.

How to Bet on Favorites

To start betting, you must first have an account on a reliable site. Once you have found a sportsbook that suits you, register and take a look at the bonuses you will be offered. With these bonuses, you can increase your chances of winning money or you can win entry tickets to events that you would not normally be able to enter. After registering on the site, you can check the odds and start betting on the teams you want.


We have provided you with information on the meaning of the term favorite and related topics, so you can now take these into account when placing sports bets and determine your strategies accordingly.