Arsenal might be running into a roadblock in January when the transfer window opens as there are reports on the Gunners’ intention to sign Ghanaian midfielder, Thomas Partey.

The 26-year-old has been linked to Arsenal a couple of times and with his current sensational form for Diego Simeone’s side this season, helping them to third in the La Liga table, Arsenal might be facing difficulties in bringing him over to their side.

Who is Thomas Partey to Atletico Madrid

Thomas Partey is the midfielder that held his ground against Los Blancos during their Madrid Derby. All through the match, Partey looked brilliant as he put in a stellar shift in the centre of the park, helping keep out Real Madrid’s attackers in the process.

This will explain why Diego Simeone will keep him at all cost as it seems Partey is an integral part of Atletico’s midfield and Diego Simeone’s plan is to keep balance in the midfield to regulate his side’s game play.

With that being said, let’s take a look at his stats in Atletico Madrid so far and why Arsenal might want to bring him in.

Based on his stat on WhoScored, he has played a total of 605 minutes this season. Broken down, that would be two matches in the UEFA Champions League, seven in La Liga, two in Copa del Rey, one international friendly for Ghana and one club friendly.

Defensively, he has an average of 1.8 tackles, 1.1 interceptions, an average of one for clearance and 0.4 for dribbles.

On the offense, he has a total of two goals, an average of 0.7 shots per game, an average of 0.7 key passes per game and 1.4 for dribbles per game.

For passes, he has an average of 0.7 key passes per game, 50.3 average passes per game, average of 88 pass successful, 0.3 crosses per game, 2.8 long passes per game and 0.1 through balls per game.

With this incredible stat, Partey is a great asset to have on any team and it shows why Diego Simeone won’t let him go. His input cannot be simply waved off.

Why does Arsenal need him?

Some big figures are looking to leave the Gunners this season and it’s going to leave a big loophole in the Arsenal squad if they don’t find replacements for them. (Mirror)

Some contracts are close to being finished and some others have simply not performed as well as they should have. That is the nature of football and change is a constant part of it.

Unai Emery is well aware of that fact and has therefore taken to the market in search of a worthy candidate, which if the reports are to be believed, has led him to Thomas Partey. And it just might be a home-run.


With stats available for Thomas Partey, he’s definitely going to be a great addition to the Gunners squad.

This 26-year-old Ghanaian midfielder offers a versatile skill set, dictating games going both forward and backward. His physical presence cannot be overlooked as this complete powerhouse of a player often bosses the middle.

Considering how much Arsenal is in need of a midfielder who can control the pace of a match to suit their team’s needs, Partey might be the best choice at the moment.


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