Lucas Torreira’s struggle to break into the Arsenal team hasn’t had much progress and
when he even gets to play, he is played in positions that does not favor him.

Unai Emery has often deployed him in more advanced role, a move that has not always been beneficial to him or the rest of the team.

During his country side’s game earlier, Torreira had an impressive performance which had fans talking on social media. One thing became obvious which is that the Uruguayan isn’t playing where he can put his talent to best use in Arsenal.

His Premier League stat shows he has great potential and just needs to be used in the right place to awaken that beast caged in him. He has 41 appearances during which he has scored two goals averaging 0.07 goals per match and two assists. He has 32 shots and nine shots on target with an average 28% shooting accuracy.

Also, he has a total of 1,684 passes averaging 41.07 passes per match. He has created three big chances, has 35 crosses and a 31% cross accuracy with three through balls and 61 accurate long balls. (Premier League Stat)

His defensive stat is something else entirely especially for a player who does not get to play all the time. He has a total of 72 tackles and 61% tackle success with six blocked shots, 44 interceptions, 34 clearances, 12 headed clearances and 232 recoveries.

His stat is encouraging and makes one think what more he can do if played in the position that favors him.

Why Torreira should play defensive midfield

Anyone who watches Arsenal matches closely will admit that last season was the start of a good combination of Xhaka and Torreira at the base of Arsenal’s midfield. Although it wasn’t perfect but it provided more cover and closed more space with Torreira acting as the engine room.

We need to also understand the fact that having a proper defensive midfielder in front of the back four goes a long way toward alleviating the pressure on the centre backs and fullbacks.

In this case, Ceballos, Xhaka, Guendouzi and Willock are not the type of defensive midfielders the Arsenal squad need (if they can be called that at all) but Torreira is the only one that fits the bill.

Arsenal’s style of play is the type that dominates possession leaving the full backs prone to pressure when on the attacking end. This style of play needs a defensive midfielder who can recover the ball swiftly and intercept the attacks with proper positioning. Torreira is that player.

He is very aggressive and proactive while making interceptions. His swift reaction times, anticipation and immense reading of the play is going to be vital in providing the Gunners’ defense with some added steel and his 232 Premier League recoveries is proof to this.


Unai Emery might feel he knows what he’s doing with Torreira but it is in fact killing the Uruguayan’s game. He has a power house in his possession and isn’t putting him to good use. That has continued to haunt the Arsenal team as the defense is always not as tight as it should be.

With fans clamoring for Torreira to be used in defensive midfield, we’ll see what decision Unai Emery would make concerning Torreira in the coming days.


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