Danny Ings moved to Aston Villa from Southampton in the summer transfer window and is expected to form a partnership with last season’s top scorer Ollie Watkins. Watkins returned from injury and both he and Ings started in the same game for the first time – in Villa’s Premier League loss to Chelsea.

EPL Stats: Watkins and Ings

The pass matrix shows that Watkins received a total of 27 passes in the game compared to Ings’ five. Watkins was more indulged in the game, more involved in the build-up and also took the most shots for Aston Villa. This was a difficult game against a strong Chelsea defence and Aston Villa did not take their opportunities. Watkins dropped a lot more and had many more touches passes and shots as compared to Ings. It looks like Watkins will be playing alongside Ings, in a  role where both will be expected to finish and score goals.

EPL Stats: Watkins and IngsIngs’ pass map shows that he was to one who stayed up front for Villa throughout the game. Chelsea’s defence was well organized and Ings could not get much involved in the game. He made very few passes but had some near the penalty area. He has already scored twice and got one assist this season, and you would expect him to be the one to stay upfront and find the back of the net with Watkins moving around him.

EPL Stats: Watkins and Ings

In contrast, Watkins’ pass map shows that he was involved in a lot of build-up and passing for Aston Villa. He played on the left side of attack and was dropping to help in midfield. This season, alongside Ings, Watkins will be expected to create some goals and also score a few. He had a good game against Chelsea, on his return from injury, and will expect to find more assists and goals this season.

EPL Stats: Watkins and IngsThe pass receiving locations of Ollie Watkins shows that he had many touches in the opposition half. He was involved in deeper positions in midfield as well as on the left side of the attack. He had a good game, though it was difficult to get past the Chelsea defence. Watkins will hope to form a goal-scoring partnership with Ings.

EPL Stats: Watkins and Ings Ings did not receive enough service to him upfront. He received just four passes in different areas and did not have a proper goal-scoring opportunity. Against teams with not so tight defences, Ings will get more opportunities and more goals for Aston Villa.

EPL Stats: Watkins and IngsWatkins had a good passing partnership with full-back Matt Targett. He was involved in passing with the midfielders, but he was not able to connect with Danny Ings on the day. Watkins and Ings will both hope to link up and get on the scoresheet next weekend when they host Everton.