Premier League Stats: Wolves vs Manchester United

Adama Traore was once again at the centre of the Wolves attack, as he showcased a brilliant display of his skills, pace and strength against Manchester United.

It was a very unfortunate loss when they suffered the defeat against Manchester United –  which was their third consecutive defeat in as many matches in the Premier League. Despite dominating the game and penetrating the United defence repeatedly, they were not able to break the deadlock.

It was Adama Traore who spearheaded the Wolves attack and made a mockery of the expensive Manchester United defence as none of the United players were able to match the pace or strength of the Spanish winger.

The Wolves winger was at the heart of every attack and he provided passes to Raul Jimenez and Trincao in the first half, who were denied by saves from the United keeper as well as a goal-line block from Aaron Wan Bissaka.

Traore attempted a total of 21 dribbles throughout the match, which was more than double the attempts attempted by any other player on the pitch. United put men forward in order to attack, but Traore used this to his advantage pushing the ball forward and outpacing the United defence and midfield.

Premier League Stats: Wolves vs Manchester United

It was observed that throughout the game Traore was switching wings with Trincao in order to confuse the United defence, and it worked as both Luke Shaw and Aaron Wan Bissaka had to face the blistering pace of the winger.

Traore focused on playing from the left wing for the majority of the first half while switched to the right wing in the second half as he noticed Luke Shaw was getting higher up the pitch with United getting desperate to score a goal. This indicated the intelligence of the winger as he was able to spot the weakness in the United defence.

Traore made a total of 26 passes in the game, of which 20 were outside the box, 5 were in the opposition 18-yard box and 1 pass was made into the opposition 6-yard box.

Traore made a total of 6 crosses into the box which was more than any other player on the pitch. The other 20 passes made by him were simple passes made in the build-up towards the goal.

Premier League Stats: Wolves vs Manchester United

While Traore had the second-highest expected threat with these passes, he had the highest expected threat with this dribbling.

Traore has impressed in all three of the opening games of the Premier League having high expected threat values with his dribbling skills. He proved this once again in the match against United. He attempted a total of 21 dribbles in the game and had an xT of 0.345 which was the highest of any player on the pitch.

Traore has been the most impressive player for Wolves by far, but they have been unfortunate to not walk away with all three points despite the fact that they overpowered their opponents in each of the fixtures.

Wolves have been able to fend off interest from clubs like Tottenham Hotspur for the transfer of Traore for now, but there are rumours that ex-boss Nuno Espirito Santo will want to sign the player in the January transfer window.

Adama has two years left on his contract with the Wolves and Wolves will try their best to make sure that he signs a new contract with them. With the impressive performances he has given in the opening fixtures of the Premier League, he is definitely going to be one of the most important players for them going forward in the season.