Premier League Stats: Brighton vs Everton

Everton continued their unbeaten run in the English Premier League after the Toffees secured a 2-0 victory away at Amex Stadium against Brighton and Hove Albion.

Everton started the game slow and their first shot came after 25 minutes of play. With only 35% of the ball possession, Everton players were able to capitalize on 2 occasions. So, with only this much possession, how did the Everton players manage to break Brighton defence?

Everton players attempted a total of 295 passes with an accuracy rate of 84.7%. The passes were played in forward, backward as well as in vertical directions.

Midfield players Allan and Doucoure kept most of the possession alongside full-backs Lucas Digne and Coleman. The 4 had a combined total of 158 passes out of the possible 295.

Now looking at the visual we come to know that the team completed 8 smart passes and had a 100% accuracy rate.

Premier League Stats: Brighton vs Everton

Out of these 6 were made from the right side and 2 from the left side. Townsend made the highest number of smart passes with 3 followed by Allan who made 2 smart passes. The crosses attempted had a very less accuracy rate. Out of the 9 attempts, only 2 were successful. There were 5 high, 2 low and 2 crosses were blocked by the defenders.

Everton players also tried to put the ball in the opposition 6-yard box and the players were successful on 5 occasions.

A total of 19 passes were attempted in the opposition 18-yard box. Most of the high passes were attempted from the back and only 3 midfield players tried to attempt a high pass. Allan showed a lot of accuracy and only failed to deliver 1 pass out of the possible 35. The midfield player along with winger Townsend and both the full-backs had a high xT from passes.

The Everton players were very direct with their approach whenever they had the ball. There were 2 key passes compared to 0 key passes from the opposition. Brighton players attempted 8 through balls and none were received by their players. On the other hand, Everton players attempted 11 through balls and were successful 8 times.


The Toffees’ high accuracy rate in passing as well as a more direct approach in passing was the reason behind their success. The team showed great accuracy in delivering smart passes and 2 key passes were enough for them to score the goals to continue their unbeaten run in the league.