Harry Kane was expected to leave Tottenham Hotspur in the summer transfer window. His deal to Manchester City did not come through, as it was announced that he will be playing for Spurs in the 21-22 Premier League season. He missed the first game of the season, and has since made his way back into their starting eleven.

EPL Stats: Harry KaneHarry Kane’s pass map for the games he has played so far this season shows that he has been dropping into midfield and helping a lot in the build-up. He has not yet scored a league goal so far, but every attack goes through him. He has a lot of passes all over the opposition half.

EPL Stats: Harry KaneKane has been involved in a lot of passing for Spurs. He has dropped back into midfield, received passes from other midfielders and defenders. He had the most assists in the Premier League last season, so he is looking to create as well as score goals. His involvement is a good sign, and it should not take long for him to start scoring this season.

EPL Stats: Harry KaneThe above viz shows the average position of Tottenham Hotspur players in their Matchday 4 game against Crystal Palace. Spurs lost the game 3-0, and Harry Kane’s average position in the match shows that he stayed near the central area of the field. He was close to his midfield and was collecting passes, instead of staying upfront.

EPL Stats: Harry KaneKane’s shot map shows that he has only had two shots on goal so far this season. He has not yet been presented with goal-scoring opportunities. Both his shots came from inside the box, with one of them being on target and saved.

EPL Stats: Harry KaneHarry Kane’s heat map for the first few fixtures of the 21-22 season shows that he has been moving freely all around the opposition half. He stays upfront when required inside the box, and also drops and helps the midfielders in build-up. His positional play and passing show that he will once again try and make a lot of assists this season along with the goals he will get.

Tottenham Hotspur have won three out of their first four league games this season and will be hoping to challenge for one of the top four positions. For them to achieve this aim, Spurs captain Harry Kane will play a big part with his goals and assists.