The Premier League is not only a great league to watch because of the action at the top of the division, but because of the action that can happen at the bottom as well.

Indeed, the Premier League has a reputation for being one of the toughest in the world, and the relegation battle certainly helps to add to the intrigue that the competition brings each and every season.

The 2020/21 campaign certainly has plenty to offer, with a number of teams likely going to involved in a relegation battle once again, with some teams likely going to have to replicate previous editions in where they have had to go the distance to ensure they maintained their top-flight status.

According to Betway Football research, though, if a team manages to get 15 points from their first 10 Premier League games, they are guaranteed to remain in the division and compete in the following campaign – at least, that is what the data since 1995 suggests.

There has been plenty of talk as 40 points being the magic number to ascertain survival status – and whilst that is certainly still a solid target to aim for – it is rather clear that teams must try and start the season off rather quickly.


Since the Premier League became a 20-team division in 1995, only two of the three teams that had managed to acquire just three points in their first ten matches have stayed up – with Crystal Palace and Newcastle United managing to do so in 2013/14 and 2018/19 respectively.

However, teams that sit in bottom place after 10 games do still seem to manage to achieve a turnaround, perhaps as urgency starts to kick-in a little earlier for them than anyone else, as they average a 17th finish.

Teams that sit 18th after 10 games have a 60% chance of survival based on trends, although those that sit above the relegation zone prior to the 10-game mark appear to go on a downward spiral.

Whether it be complacency or just being unable to get going, teams have the tendency to slip into 18th after achieving a league position of 15.64 after the 10 games. In fact, according to the research, 16 of the 25 teams to have been relegated from 1995 have been outside of the relegation zone, with two having been in the top-half.

Teams that have between three and eight points after the first 10 games could potentially find it difficult to survive as their percentage chances – based on the trend to have appeared – sits at 42.3% and 55.7%.

Those sides who are unable to pick up a win in the first 10 games, though, will see their Premier League status almost certainly gone the following year, as no side has managed to survive the drop from that position since the 1995/96 campaign.